Cyber Safety

All and if not most families have a personal computer (PC) and home Internet connection. The portability of tablets such as the iPad or event the smart phone allows family members to browse the web anywhere within the home environment. While this is an advantage it must be managed carefully and Internet use exercised with extreme caution.

Enjoy open communication as a family
regarding internet use and online activity.

Parental supervision of children with Internet access is of utmost importance. Even if a child does not have a laptop or desktop computer within the bedroom, the iPod touch or computer tablet enable them to communicate from the secrecy of the bedroom. Young people are often referred to as “digital natives” and while they may be excellent consumers of technology often they need to be educated in what is appropriate text speech and safe Internet use. Furthermore, unless carefully managed, gaming and social networking sites such as Facebook can become an addiction.
It is highly recommended that children and teenagers use digital devices within full view of the family. Michael Car-Gregg, famous Australian child psychologist states that parents should “never allow a computer in the child’s bedroom” and instead that they should be in public places.

I recommend these four Cyber Safety tips;
  • Talk openly with your children about what they are doing online
  • Set boundaries, negotiate a contract and set usage limits
  • Monitor and supervise children and teenagers at all times
  • Never allow a computer in your child's bedroom
As an added precaution, the Australian Govenment has designed an application that is available free of charge and the application is compatible with all major PC and Mac operating systems. The 'Cyber Safety Help Button' is easily installed onto the home PC and selected mobile devices. Once installed, the application enables the user to get help and advice on a range of online risks including cyberbullying, unwanted contact, and offensive or inapprorpoiate content or material.

I encouarge you to become familiar with what your children do online and observe them at all times. Execrsie Cyber Safety and enjoy the World Wide Web together.
Protect your family.


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