Bloom's Computer Taxonomy

Good educators know about multiple intelligences and the need for classroom differentiation. Ultimately, the challenge is for teachers to decipher which resources can aid the teaching and learning process to achieve the highest educational outcomes. There are many websites and resources that can help teachers meet the needs of those that simply need to understand content and those that are at a stage of needing to create their own.

I remember using Prezi with my class and seeing them achieve dynamic classroom presentations. The students were highly engaged in consuming the content and were interest in representing their knowledge with something that they had created.

The other day I discovered something awesome. I had seen it before, however, this time I studied it with a new mind set. The Blooms Hierarchy has been recreated to include web based tools to enhance students learning and engage them in new ways of discovery. In essence, quality teaching drives students forward to be more than passive learners, but, active participants in their education.

Which website have you used with your class today?


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