Drop Down Menus

Firstly, I must state that Excel is not my thing. I am not brilliant at it and it must be defined as my area of weakness and sometimes when I demonstrate various capabilities I sometimes mess them up. I should also mention that many roads lead to Roman and that my preferred method is not the only option. As a follow up of a demonstration I thought that I might make this step by step guide after the presentation that was something of 'a diamond in the rough'.

My Step by Step Instructions

1. Make a basic spreadsheet. In this case I am having a party and want to know if I have received RSVP and which guests are attending and what they are bringing

Make a spreadsheet

2. On the side of the Sheet1 write down the options that you would like to select from. In this case I selected 'Yes' and 'No' as well as various food items to be selected from in the final column.

Type data that you would like to appear in the drop down menu

3. Highlight the cells that you are wanting to select from. In this case I want for the 'RSVP' and 'Attending' Columns to have 'Yes' or 'No' in the drop down list. Within the Ribbon locate 'Data' and select 'Data Validation'. A window will open. Select the Allow location and select 'List'. Click 'OK'. Highlight the cells that will become the options. Then click 'OK'.

Select Cells, Data Validation, allow a list and select the location of the sources

4. The options will automatically be applied.

Coding will appear and click on 'OK'

5. Repeat the third step for remaining columns.

Repeat process

There are many uses for making a drop down menu within Excel. The function could be used to generate a marking or grading system for students, financial records or other work related issues. There are various links that provide precise instructions in creating drop down menus. Here is one for your own future reference... http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/create-or-remove-a-drop-down-list-HP005202215.aspx


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