Hundreds of schools across Australia subscribe to yourtutor to support students and generate improved learning. Our school has registered every student from Year 4 to Year 12. All registered students attended a workshop early in Term 1 and received a card that includes their personal User Name and Password. New students for Term 2 will be issued with a card shortly.
Our school has registered a total of 597 students with yourtutor. During Term 1, 242 students used the English component for learning enrichment with the majority of users being Year 12 students. Mathematics was the second most popular component with 271 students seeking assistance with Mathematic tasks. The largest users of the Mathematics component were Year 11 and the Year 5 students were close behind. Over 10% of students accessed tutors for assistance with Science. According to the statistics, the school has been taking advantage of yourtutor and this is likely to continue.

yourtutor is a unique learning service that connects students via the internet to qualified tutors for one-on-one conversations about homework, assignments, exam preparation and study questions using real-time, instant chat. yourtutor is an excellent tool to use at home and is particularly useful in helping prepare students for NAPLAN.
Bill Budge a famous computer game programmer and designer once said, “The power of the computer is starting to spread”. It has and still is and in today’s modern world it is important that we keep up. yourtutor offers a service to students that allows them to enrich their learning, stay ahead of the class by working on skills by utilising technology in a manner that deepens their understanding and education.


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