Prep to Year 12 - Spotlight on Software

A range of software is used to enhance the learning experiences of children from Prep to Year 12 at Nambour Christian College. The numerous programs service various needs and cater for certain curriculum areas. Although not a complete list, here are some of the programs students use to enrich their learning;

• ActivInspire. Students use this program to interact with content when an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) is being used to engage small groups or an entire class.

• Adobe Suite. Creative and Performing Arts use Adobe to create art work, edit images and design graphics and web based resources.

• Aims. Basically ‘Aims’ is a cataloguing system that allows students to search for texts within our library according to title, author and other search criteria.

• Audacity. Voice recordings and podcasting are key products of this software and can be used to create audio files for presentations.

• AutoCAD. Secondary students use this program to design detailed plans of projects for Industrial Technology.

• Click View. Students have access to thousands of media items which are updated on a daily basis and can be viewed on campus or transferred to their “school bag” to watch at home.

• Futura. Hospitality student use this suite to become familiar with Health and Safety procedures and increase their skills and understanding in food preparation and technology.

• Inspiration. The program allows students to generate concept maps and allows one to embed images, media and hyperlinks to create more detailed outlines and plans.

• Microsoft Office. Various year levels use the available tools within this software to generate documents, presentations and reports.

• Open Office. This freeware is a suite of publishing tools to create spread sheets, word processing and media presentations.

• Read and Write Gold. This tool allows images and text files to be converted to audio tracks while also elevating opportunities for empowered understanding in literacy.

• Sibelius. The package enables secondary student to write, play, print and publish music notation to allow them to compose various music items, files and documents.

• Type Quick. This program is used within Primary School to practice keyboarding to increase proficiency and accuracy with typing.

• Windows Movie Maker. Students use the various elements to create dynamic presentations to either create simple story lines or complex media presentations.

A range of software is used within the college to address individual needs and serve different purposes. The programs provide the tools necessary to enhance student learning and deliver opportunities for higher order thinking among our students.

AutoCAD - Design opportunities await every student!

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