Today wasn't a true test of the capabilities of the iPad. This morning started at 7:45 with a Cyber Cafe workshop on ConnX. There was only a small number of people that attended the workshop. Because of the limitations of the iPad screen, I needed to boot my laptop up so that more could see this display. Had I have been better organized I would have connected my iPad to a data projector and this would have overcome the dilemma. Not a big deal though.

The day started with full battery power and there was a morning meeting on SharePoint. The meeting went for two hours and shortly after I made a phone call to a friend of mine to discuss iPads, MacBooks and one to one programs. After the phone call I completed the publication of Digital Learning News on the iPad and went to save the document on SharePoint for teacher access. I noticed that although I can view SharePoint I cannot actually select a file destination to upload content. This task will have to wait until next week.

After finishing the PDF, I attended a special event that was hosted my Prep to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. I stayed for about thirty minutes and then returned to the office. I then completed a few emails and also tried to work out how printing costs could be reduced using ReporterPro as a few staff are printing out loads of paper to edit each others reports. I understand that the best way of editing and proof reading documents is to have a hardcopy, however, can paper wastage be reduce? Already this year the school has printed close to half a million pages. The only way to reduce paper wastage is for teachers to print double sided and perhaps policies will be enforced that have this as default.

After this I packed up my office and moved shop. I am working more closely with the Director of ICT as we work out the plans for next year and the back end that is needed to support a one to one operation. So now, with desktop switched off I complete the last of my entries for the week on flying solo with the iPad. It has been an adventure. I must confess that I have put off a few jobs until next week as I know that they will be easier on a desktop. One such example is my need to develop a sample Google Site on Roman History. Although it could be developed on the iPad I know that it would be a huge effort to get this done compared to the simplicity of publication from a PC.

I have enjoyed the test and realize that most tasks can be performed on the iPad. At times I have needed to rely on others to support my experiment and on other occasions have had to find alternative ways of doing things. There are limitations with the iPad, however, I am sure that if I continued with the project I would adapt to the technology and become more rapid in work production and find the entire process as simply as what we have become accustomed to with desktops and PCs.


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