The end of semester has arrived and the students all receive a well earned break. Three weeks of rest and relaxation seems like a good reward. Although the holidays may be a time for rejuvenation, the time will most likely be consumed with using multimedia, searching the web and dabbling in social networking such as texting, chat or Skype.

I recommend that parents remain vigilant in setting boundaries and curfews. At all times children should not be allowed within the privacy of their own bedroom with a device that has Internet capability. To encourage members of your family to maintain their social connectivity in open spaces, showing interest in what they are doing provides enormous leverage. Speak openly about what they are doing and asking for help with technology will help establish positive relationships.
Gaming is also a popular recreational choice. Playing the Wii, DS and gaming console are common activities. Family activities are essential in the lives of all people and making time to do something special will break the cycle and habit of using computers as recreation. Make the most of every opportunity and seek to take advantage of the weather. There are many local attractions that provide for adventure. A day trip to Maleny and having an ice cream while browsing stores is fun, Sunshine Coast Botanic Gardens is amazing and there are numerous playgrounds that are fantastic including Cotton Tree, Landsborough and Kenilworth. To see what other local attractions there are CLICK HERE.

Many local video stores have 'Cheap Tuesday' and this is a great time to travel together to the shop and make a movie selection. Always ensure that the movie ratings are taken into account when making movie selections. You do not want your children watching inappropriate content while you are not watching. Conducting a movie review prior to movie selection is always a clever thing to do and having a Smart Phone makes it even easier to double check film suitability. is an excellent means of movie evaluation from a Christian perspective.

These holidays may also be a great time to work in the garden together and do the things necessary to give the yard what it needs to get itself through winter so that when spring comes, the plants and lawn bounce back to life.
Whatever you do these holidays, make sure that the children are not completely absorbed by using technology. Use of technology has its advantages, however, it can become addictive and also having time to relax and do something different is always a better option. Perhaps travelling to the local library and selecting a new novel may provide for the best means of entertainment.


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