The day started for me at 7:45am. I knew that there was a file waiting for dispatch in 'My Documents' on my Windows Laptop. Technically my iPad week didn't start until 8am, therefore, I figured that I wasn't really breaking the rules by logging onto the network and sending the email prior to my scheduled eight o'clock start. The only problem was that the computer took a while to boot and once I had actually opened Outlook and sent the email properly it had reached 8:04am. Oops!

With the email finally dispatched I diverted my entire attention to my iPad. This was to be the moment of truth. With 98% battery power after having charged it prior to my mission I felt prepared for all that lay ahead for the days events. I was meaning to 'Tweet' the start of the race as if I was beginning something of significance, however, my memory failed me... perhaps I should have used 'Reminders'.

After Staff Devotions, at 8:30am I read various morning articles and subscriptions and reread the ICT Framework that I have developed and uploaded to DropBox. Having revisited this document was vital for preparations for a meeting scheduled for later in the day. I then responded to a few email requests and dropped items into my calendar and sent meeting requests.

At 9am I called a lady regarding a typing program that is web based. We conversed on the phone and I was able to record all necessary notes within my 'Notes' application on my iOS device. She sent me an email during the conversation and I was able to receive the text and click on appropriate links that were included in the email.

I then attended to various issues within the Primary School such as educating several students in the use of Read and Write Gold. The students will use this program to enhance understanding through the programs ability to read all on screen content. In this manner they will not be disadvantaged at anytime. While demonstrating this program to the students I took control of the mouse once or twice, to show the program features. In no way do I feel I failed in my assignment. While in the area I collected and returned various hardware including Digital Cameras and IWB voting remotes and took them to the appropriate locations. While walking past various rooms I rewarded staff that were using the IWB with their class to reinforce their splendid performance.

I dropped back into the administration block and made myself a coffee for morning tea, emptied my pigeon hole and opened mail at my desk prior to an important meeting at midday that was expected to go for several hours. While at my desk I opened an eLearning Journal and found a product that appealed to my interest. I quickly Googled the item and conducted a brief research of the PT Pen that has capabilities of turning any laptop or PC into a tablet device.

I then quickly dropped into the board room and set up my iPad with a VGA adaptor and connected it to the TV to project my Mind Map from 'Idea Sketch'. Having set up just in time the other members arrived and we spent the next two hours discussing various ICT developments, observations and issues. The agenda was focused on ICT refreshment for 2013 and what the future beholds. I was able to use various applications throughout the meeting to service administration needs.

After our meeting the battery on my iPad had drastically depleted and was looking like it needed charging at 36%. I pushed on to the Junior Primary Library where I hosted a parent meeting on 'Social Networking'. I showcased Facebook, Twitter, FlickR, Pinterest and YouTube. I used 'Keynote' for the presentation and all went well for the forty-five minute workshop.

I returned to my office at 3:20 and needed to spend time addressing some of the issues that had been forwarded to me by email. One request was an IT Help Desk task. Attending to these issues on the Laptop is simple, however, with the iPad it was tricky. I opened 'Safari' and found my needed site, logged in and open the request. I contributed my notes and relodged the request and allocated in to another member of the department. I needed to attach an image to the IT Help Desk Lodgment and this was not at all possible. I then resorted to forwarding the images from 'Photos' via email. It worked pretty well, however, wasn't perfect.

Working through my emails I had a request from teachers to allocate new students to Bug Club. I was under the belief that I would be able to do this as I was simply doing administration and not reading an eBook that required Flash. I discovered that I was unable to attend to this issue at all and that I needed to shift this task onto the laptop to enable this job to be completed successfully. Unfortunately, it wasn't a job that could wait another week as students are needing to use this program daily. I could have delegated the task onto someone else, however, this duty falls within my list of responsibilities.

Among other things I had requests from a number of staff to attend to Masterfile. This is our LMS and I was able to easily log into Masterfile and add participants to courses as well as delete various files and edit student profiles. In the coming days I will need to attend to Student Movement and allocate new students to courses and remove some from others. It's good to know in advance that this will be a breeze on the iPad.

At 4:50pm the battery on my iPad had shrunk to 12% and needed a rest when it got home. I plugged it into the charger to elevate the life to 49% so I was assured I had enough life to complete this Blog entry. I look forward to the challenges of Tuesday.


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