My week with the iPad...

"Bite the Bullet", "Getting with the Program" and "Practice what you Preach". All of these sayings could be used to outline my intentions for Monday 4th of June to Friday 8th June. I shall spend the entire working week using only the iPad. I shall leave the desktop and laptop switched off and complete all my work production and consumption on the iOS tablet.

I am already convinced that the iPad can service all educational needs, however, conducting this experiment is an essential component to my research. This experiment is not a new idea. Many other professionals and eLearning Coordinators have performed the investigation and reported on their experiences, limitations and observations. Each day I will add my own personal notes to "theworkpad" for teachers, parents and the entire school community to see. Hopefully from my encounters we can learn about the iPad and its capabilities.

I am already aware of some of the things that are part of my routine that will need to be reworked to allow an entire week to be successful in using the iPad. For example, I use Adobe InDesign for 'Digital Learning News' and for this week it shall be published differently. Furthermore, I will be conducting a parent workshop on Social Media and I will need to conduct my research on the tablet and use Keynote for the presentation. Various Apps that I use for all of my social networking needs will be used throughout my presentation.

I am looking forward to conducting the experiment and reporting on my findings. Even my notes shall be uploaded to this blog using my iPad... as I am already doing now.

Stay tuned...


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