Recycler or Rock Thrower?

I am on holidays, but, I needed to slide into work to demonstrate Apple TV to a local pastor. I was excited to go into work as it's always great showing off something cool that simplifies our life such as seamless presentation capabilities with iPad and Apple TV. After the brief meeting, I braced for the weather and ran for the car and dodged fat rain droplets with my umbrella under my arm. The wind was so strong I would have been lifted into the air like Mary Poppins if I had chosen to have it open.

It dawned upon me while driving home from work that I am mostly a 'Recycler'. By the term, 'Recycler' I don't mean it in the positive sense of saving the world through placing plastic bottles and paper goods in the yellow lidded bin that is stored beside our western gate. I mean that I have adopted or 'recycled' things or concepts that I have seen working in other schools. I recycle information that has been posted by people I follow on 'Twitter'. My information is mostly second hand. Is this bad?

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, I do believe that at times we must not simply be a 'Follower' that captures information and uses it for our own work practices. This forces us and me for that matter to simply be part of the ripple affect. Instead, I must seek to become the catalyst of change and catapult my own original ideas so that I start the waves in motion. I want to be a rock thrower and instigator of change in education. I want to master the challenge of creating rhythmic changes and patterns of knowledge to improve the educational experiences of teachers and students.

To become the creator of change requires a field of expertise and an ability to invent. In order for this to occur, I believe that I must become well versed and at the forefront of educational practice. It is essential to invest time in professional reading and research for without it we end up delivering second hand knowledge and simply share recycled goods.

Consider this process like collecting stones like the little boy in the classical story of David and Goliath. Once equipped with the necessary resources the young man in the incredible Bible story was the slayer of a giant. He loaded the pebbles into his sling and sent them flying through the air with such force and faith that he was able to defeat the enemy. In the end, David became King and was the leader of many. In like manner finding the needed tools, is the first step in creating change and overcoming foreseen obstacles.

I want to be like David. I want to gather stones from my dedicated research and deliver them with deep rooted conviction. I shall share them and create a ripple affect that improves the digital learning environment and enriches education for the local and global learning community. My challenge is to learn from others and maintain my professional relationships while making significant contribution to those that I work with. In the new semester, I must remain focused and dedicated to my research so that I am able to share original and unique ideas.

I challenge you to be original also and develop your own ideas through conducting professional reading and personal research. Together we can band together and comb the field and find our own stones and deliver them with punch and become a rock thrower rather than basically recycling information. Let's be the primary source, not secondary or tertiary and begin making some splashes that make waves.


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