I started the day early... In fact 6:10. Well, not really. I got up, threw on my gown and went to the study to use my iPad. Thoughts were keeping me from resting too much longer. I flicked it on and finished a 'Keynote' presentation that was going to be part of a Primary School Presentation. I complete the task and then sent a few emails. My battery power was down to 94%.

After having had my shower, breakfast and getting myself ready for work, I headed straight to the Church to set up sound equipment. I hooked up my iPad with my VGA adaptor to the church projector and tested the unit. Piece of cake. At around 9:00 I did my 10 minute presentation on Cyber Bullying and the slides simply progressed through my talk. All went well. I chose this particular theme as it's Cyber Bullying week next week.

I finally made it to my office and saw my laptop sitting idle on the table and wondered if it minded having a forced vacation. The lonely PC is shown. I know that many of today's tasks would be more functional and speedy on the PC. I am, however, determined to stick with the program. I noticed I had a load of emails that needed responding to and I started taping away and shooting out responses left, right and centre. I also had to dig into Masterfile to do a little tweaking with a few things.

Just before morning tea I worked on an unresolved case and opened 'ClickView' to see if I was yet able to work out how videos the school had uploaded could be seen on the portable device. I dropped into IT and we setup a student profile and then logged into 'ClickView' using the needed password and settings that we had set and discovered that the iPad now had the capabilities of viewing all content that the Librarian had uploaded from 'ClickView'. Amazing! If students were to have a portable device they would be able to access content that has been specifically chosen by teachers for learning enrichment. This can now occur anywhere and at anytime. This means that teachers now have the potential of allocating students the task of watching a chapter or portion of video while looking at a set of questions. Students can come to school the following day and participate in challenges and discussions. This whole idea supports the concept of the flipped classroom method. As you can tell.... I am excited!

After working through this, I held discussion with needed people about 2013 and what woke me in the early hours from my sleep and the implications of one to one programs as well as the considerations that need to be made. I then migrated back to my office and designed a set up questions for a one hour meeting that was scheduled at midday. I simply used 'Notes' again, however, am finding that the application isn't brilliant in letting you file responses and putting notes into categories. I think it's just too basic.

I then went to the main office to meet with the Deputy Principal and ICT Manager to have discussions on devices, strategies, methodologies and principles regarding teaching and learning and how to inspire and innovate. The meeting was lengthy, however, needed in consolidating findings to devise a clear and precise plan for 2013.

I then dropped into the staff room, heated my lunch, grabbed a seat, drank my coffee and picked at some grapes. It was only a short stop as I needed to grab some sound gear and distribute it to Prep while also dropping by to another location to collect a set of keys as I am moving office tomorrow to be more central and aligned with the ICT Department. I then headed back to my office to await a call from another book distributor and publisher who was dropping by this afternoon.

While I waited, I dug into emails and found eBook contacts and sent them emails to invite them to a special day that is happening in July. I thought that having publishers attend the Professional Development Day may provide staff with the opportunity to see how they can embrace eBooks as text options to alleviate the amount of resources and texts that students are needing to bring to and from school. I soon received a phone call and the meeting shortly began. The lady was able to showcase the various texts and how they look. She also demonstrated some of the features that include sticky notes and annotations to show how students can interact with their studies. Once again I was very impressed. I was shown numerous options and titles and am convinced that we need to reduce our carbon footprint and this can be achieved through using digital resources.

After the meeting, I headed to the Primary School to assist a teacher with 'Audacity' and the import and export of files to include the recordings on PPT. After meeting with this teacher I then dropped by another to show where I had placed Mathletics password on SharePoint. For both of these tasks I needed to use the teacher's Lenovo laptops.

I returned back to my office and commenced publication of 'Digital Learning News'. I usually publish this document in Adobe InDesign and need to use 'Pages' this week as I must only use the iPad. I am only half way through the task as I found it troublesome hyperlinking words. I Googled.... however, have been unable to find an answer just yet. I then got distracted and thought that it might be good to get this blog done prior to heading home instead of doing it when quality family time is suppose to be happening.

Lots of things happening tomorrow, including the completion of my publication and the placement of this on SharePoint. I am also moving office, however, this is after a morning meeting that is expected to go for close to two hours. We will be discussing SharePoint and looking at a number of school designs to contribute to our own layout and assist with our own direction and understanding. I now sign off with 14% battery remaining.


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