The day started at 7:30am and 96% battery power. We first had an Apple meeting within the Boardroom to discuss Macs, iPads and iOS arrangements and deployment. Throughout the one hour meeting I took notes on my personal device.

I returned back to my office to attend to various ICT requests and respond to a few emails. I then needed to attend to Student Movement and this required opening SharePoint and accessing a PDF. For some strange reason the PDF was unable to open normally and I needed to email the School Registerer to forward the file directly to me. Once I received that attachment I was able to open it successfully and systematically attend to any student movement and setup needed profiles. In fact, the process of adding students to Masterfile was made easier on the iPad. I believe the multi-gesturing made the process more fluid and allowed me to switch between 'First Class', the PDF and Masterfile with simplicity. I cleaned up a few courses within Masterfile and the total administration time for this particular task was one and a half hours. This task took a huge chunk of my battery life.

Just before morning tea I walked around the High School to access the degree of data projector and IWB use. Visiting classes provides opportunity to meet with staff. While visiting classes, I rewarded several teachers with stickers to encourage their efforts in the use of technology and promote the continued use of IWB and data projectors. I then walked back to my pigeon hole to collect mail, made a coffee and grabbed some morning tea. I returned back to my office. I read through some emails and saw that I had an email regarding catering costs that required printing and my signature as verification of goods received. Unfortunately, I was unable to print this off myself and sent it to reception via email for printing. I returned back to reception where they had printed the document ready for my arrival. I signed the receipt and directed it to the financial department.

I returned to my office once again and reworked my 'Idea Sketch' which is my preferred application for concept mapping. I aligned some of the concepts with discussions from the mornings meeting to ensure that we have a more convincing argument of one to one programs.

As part of my research and investigation, I went to the Library and loaned a scientific calculator that senior students purchase for approximately $230. I returned to my office to conduct some research and discovered that within iTunes huge savings are possible. I purchased a scientific calculator for 'Free' and added extra capabilities for 99 cents. I will take this App to the Maths 'One Note' meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and will evaluate with the department whether the application has all needed capabilities of the calculator that they currently purchase for $230.

I then headed to Primary School where I was able to return some ICT gear to different staff and I also swung into a classroom to showcase a presentation that I had prepared using 'iMovie'. The presentation features a few students from the class that I had recorded using 'Camera' a few weeks earlier. Showing the class the video provided opportunity for the students to see the multimedia item prior to their public performance in coming weeks.

I then dropped into Learning Support to conduct some PD with staff in the use of 'Inspiration' and 'Read and Write Gold'. These particular programs are Windows products and as such I was unable to rely on the iPad for this instance. The workshop went well and the staff were amazed with the features of the programs and the learning enrichment that is enabled by the use of the tools shown.

After the PD, I went to the Main Library for an appointment that I had scheduled between 2 and 3 pm. A number of staff attended the meeting with the Jacaranda representative. During the meeting we discussed eBooks and available suites. Throughout the meeting my iPad was used to visit websites and look at various eBooks. The sales consultant was also using an iPad throughout the presentation we were able to exchange tablets to see each others content which made the process informal, educational and collaborative. During the meeting we discussed future dates and I was able to send meeting requests and instant response was achieved to consolidate appointments. While the meeting was happening, a computer technician collected my iPad to test the newly equipped Apple TV and data projector in the Lecture Theatre. My iPad was soon returned and a battery level of 17% identified.

A pressing meeting demanded return to my office to discuss Apple products and the pros and cons of possible arrangements of one to one programs. Within the discussion we debated the needs of senior students and whether the iPad services needs of Physics, Mathematics and Science. It appears that the 'Numbers' App does not produce adequate graphs with data entered into spreadsheets. Also, the complications associated with text coloring within 'Pages' seems clunky for Senior Students. As we discussed various options, I received warning that my battery was almost flat. I grabbed pen and paper to salvage what life was left of my device. The pen didn't work at all. I attempted to scribble, however, to no avail. I returned back to the iPad to enter notes of our discussion. The meeting soon concluded and I had 2% battery life remaining.

I am finding that using the iPad is not at all challenging and that most tasks are able to be achieved. At times I have had to rely on others to support my project, however, in no way do I feel like I am disrupting their work routine. It appears that the only time that I am needing to use Windows is when other people are dependent on using it themselves. I look forward to Wednesday. Many things happening tomorrow.


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