To be honest the day was not demanding on the iPad. Worked started with a full charge and business suit. I left work early with a colleague and went to Perigean Springs to visit a school that was pushing boundaries with ICT. During the meeting I took notes on the iPad and reduced the glare of the screen to be less obvious in my note taking and also to conserve battery power. After the meeting we travelled to Twin Waters to attend an expo and visit the 'FlexiSchools' booth to see their App in action to become introduced to the concept prior to introducing it to families of the school. I realized I was running a little late for a scheduled meeting about the IWB and sent notification of my need to delay this appointment for a later time.

Once at school, I stopped for lunch and then had another meeting regarding lessons that are scheduled for next term. We talked about using Google Sites and broke down how the students will use the Web Tool to scaffold their learning by individuals being responsible for adding content each week to their website. In this manner the content is broken down into bite sized chucks and will be a formative assessment for the unit. In the meeting I simply used 'Notes' to record conversations.

After the meeting I returned to IT to discuss our findings from the school visit and our plans for 2013. Within our meeting we discussed iPads, MacBooks, Ultrabooks and an environment of multiple platforms and even the concept of BYOD.

I was soon to go to a Maths Department meeting and prior to the visit needed to educate myself in eBooks. I received a link from a staff member ( regarding eBooks. I read the document and then proceeded to look at Jacaranda and the eBooks that they have on offer for Mathematics and the Australian Curriculum. I must say I am very impressed with the text offerings and the related components such as 'Assess.On'. While looking at these resources I was able to use the iPad without any complications. While within the IT space, I forwarded and email to a member of staff that included a document that I needed to print so that I could sign the terms of conditions and agreement before it was faxed. This caused no real dilemma and then I slipped by reception and faxed the document. I then made my way to the Maths Department meeting where I recorded notes regarding their ICT needs for 2013.

Within our meeting I took notes and also showcased the eBook concept from Jacaranda and also the calculator application from iTunes. These two elements were seen by the core of the group as being useful in a one to one program.

After our meeting, I returned to my office, replied to a few emails and concluded my day with 64% battery remaining. The day was highly productive, however, I did not use the iPad a lot and for this reason conserved more than half of the battery life. Tomorrow will be different as I know I have a morning presentation to do at Primary Chapel, several meetings and a lot of emails to respond to as well as setting up User Accounts with Mathletics, Bug Club and other such things. I am also needing to make contact with various agents and will need to dig into my sent and received items to locate people I need to make contact with which include book distributors and 'Your Tutor'. Tomorrow will be busy and demanding in the iPad. I may actually take my charger... just in case.


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