The Bakers Dozen - My recommended Apps

It is to be said that browsing the App Store is addictive. I recently read an article that stated that of the applications that we download, we usually only use 25% of them. I cannot remember for the life of me where I saw this article, however, it was very interesting and certainly insightful. One can view applications for hours in hope of finding the allusive app that is able to complete all personal tasks and 'do everything'. If anything, looking in the store is entertaining and I believe that it is important to view iTunes regularly to remain informed of the latest applications. I'd like to suggest this recommendation as 'window shopping' iTunes. No doubt you've done it and found some great buys and also at times some special offers or things on 'Sale'.

To purchase applications one needs either an iTunes card or can enter credit card details. I suggest using an iTunes cards for purchasing all applications as this is an excellent way of managing your budget and controlling your spending, particularly if you have children that want to download applications or music from iTunes. Music albums from iTunes are cheaper than albums from Big W or Target and it is so much easier purchasing music from iTunes without even considering the total expense. You might get a very interesting credit card statement if you are not careful!

Prices range from 99 cents to over one thousand dollars for applications from the 'App Store'. Of course there are also free applications and many of these are excellent, however, there are a range that are simply teasers, meaning, they either expire or have limited performance unless you pay for an upgraded or 'pro' version. In fact, a number of the applications I highly recommend are free and offer some outstanding performance and at times their capabilities are simply priceless.

I would like to suggest a list of applications for purchase from iTunes. The applications that I have suggested offer excellent creative performance and allow you to seamlessly produce and organize your work whether your working environment is business or education. The applications are listed in alphabetical order and do not appear in order of recommendation or price. Current as at 03/07/12.

1. Calc Pro HD (FREE)
3. Evernote (FREE)
4. Garage Band ($5.49)
5. iBooks (FREE)
6. Idea Flight (FREE)
7. Idea Sketch (FREE)
8. iMovie ($5.49)
9. Keynote ($10.49)
10. Notes Plus ($8.49)
11. Numbers ($10.49)
12. Pages ($10.49)
13. Twitter (FREE)

A number of these applications are $10.00, however, the majority of them are free. An iTunes Gift Card of $50.00 should see you through to purchasing the applications I have suggested. Some of the applications will require you to setup an account, enter your email and create a username and password. Applications may ask whether you would like your location to be used. The reasoning for this is so images or media items that you construct can be tagged and shared with others.

There are other applications that I use regularly such as 'Blogger'... the one that I am using now. There are many applications that I would highly recommend, however, this list will see you through to making the most of your iPad while maximizing your personal organization and productivity. The applications that I have recommended will require updating at various times. Please be aware that some of these applications, such as Garage Band are massive files and downloading them will chew through a lot of your data allowance.


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