Byte Me!

As part of the Australian Government's Quality Teacher Program, Professional Learning(PL) has been scheduled for Wednesday 11 July at Nambour Christian College. Many hours have been invested in making the day something that staff will enjoy. The PL is titled, 'Byte Size Downloads' and will involve guest speakers, keynote speakers and breakout sessions for the teaching staff of NCC to attend. A special lunch will be provided to all delegates.

The tenth step as identified by the Queensland State Government's, '21 Steps to 1-to-1 Success Guideline' states that one must "Conduct Professional Learning (PL) to identify needs, improve learning and change pedagogy". This particular day is strategic in creating an alignment between professional teaching practice and digital pedagogy. All presentations and workshops are designed to educate all staff in 21s Century Teaching and Learning.

The program for the day is available as an eBook and was distributed online to staff. I am hoping that throughout the day teachers will place comments on the link to make the program interactive and also a collaborative exercise.

The day will begin with a brief devotions outlining digital pedagogy from a biblical perspective. It will be followed by a presentation by two invited guests that are world class presenters. They both will outline how technology must be embraced to improve educational standards and the various means by which to enhance teaching and learning. They shall use their own school as a case study to outline how they have successfully implemented iPads within their own college from P-12.

The presentation will be followed by morning tea after which am award winning lecturer will present a keynote address on Pedagogy. The lecturer is from University of the Sunshine Coast and will educate staff on the needs of 21st Century Learners. To set the foundation, pedagogy will be identified. To assist with the presentation various Web2Tools will be used and group discussion encouraged. The middle session will also include time dedicated to introduce Scootle to staff and outlining the value the resource plays within the learning environment.

After lunch, the afternoon will begin with '5 Websites Teachers cannot live without' and then follow with six electives. The electives include Adobe, Facebook, IWB, Genius Bar, eBooks and Scootle. Teachers may select four of six workshops to attend. The breakout sessions are being facilitated by teachers that are passionate about their work and will provide an opportunity for colleagues to workshop ICT skills. The eBook workshop is being held within the Library and conducted by book publishers. The sales representatives will showcase how their resources work on individual devices and also promote the use of online resources as opposed to traditions text books. In many respects, teachers already have access to eBooks, however, rely on textbooks because students do not have the benefit of individual devices with which they can access resources online.

It is my intention to lay some foundational principles during the day with which the school can begin to construct a modern approach to learning and teaching methodology. Contemporary teaching style is by no means obsolete, it can simply be enhanced through the incorporation of ICT within curriculum. Technology must be woven within the tapestry of educational practice to ensure the patchwork of education is an artwork to be admired.


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