Parent Code and Edmodo

Edmodo has been successfully running at Nambour Christian College for numerous weeks now. It has become evident that additional information is desired by parents and therefore I have added details to 'theworkpad'. It has been brought to my attention that parents would like the opportunity to monitor their child's account and this post is dedicated to providing you with step by step instructions to get you started.

Firstly, I should make you aware that not all teachers are using Edmodo as a professional learning networking and therefore you may not even need to start an account. There are numerous teachers, however,  that are using Edmodo for students to share information, research and content while there are some classrooms that are using the facility as a means for homework and assignment submission.

Edmodo is not social media. Edmodo is an online learning community for schools. It is a closed and secure platform for class discussion. If you are using Edmodo with your child you have no need to generate an account. When using Edmodo within class, students are using it with their teacher.

Parents have the opportunity to see what information is being shared with their child and can also monitor posts, replies, work submission, results and announcements. There are numerous ways a parent can become part of the Nambour Christian College Edmodo community. I recommend the following method.

1. Visit

2. Select the "Parent Sign Up" link on the homepage (just below student and teacher sign in)

3. Complete the registration form which includes your unique parent code, your relationship with the child, an original username/password, a valid email address and your first and last name.

4. In order to create a parent account, you must have a Unique 6 Digit Code that is specific to your child’s account. The code for parent accounts can be retrieved from your child’s Edmodo account. The code will be located on the right panel, below the notifications section in your child's account.

5. Parent account codes can also be retrieved from teacher accounts. Contact your child’s teacher for your parent code.

6. Edmodo is purely for learning enrichment and classroom collaboration. There is so much to be found within Edmodo and rather than outlining everything, it may be best to talk with your child and discuss how their classroom teacher is using the service.

Edmodo is a powerful educational tool that is secure, safe and advertisement free. Edmodo also offers apps for Android and iPhone devices (including iPod Touch and iPad). Simply visit your app store and download the app to get yourself started.


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