Word Cloud

Parents of the college have been encouraged to participate in an online survey. The results of the investigation have provided an indication of the home computer environment. The quantitative and qualitative data will enable informed and responsible decisions on appropriate hardware purchases. Furthermore the results provide an indication of what is required to utilise the resources of the home environment while simultaneously improving the teaching and learning landscape of the college.
Often it is difficult to work with qualitative data and draw conclusions. Working with hard data or quantitative data such as numbers is a little easier because it is more definite. Words or opinions can get misinterpreted and in result evidence skewed. To evaluate the general perspective of parents and ensure evidence was uninfluenced, the contents of their response were simply copied from the survey and pasted into http://www.wordle.net/ and a word cloud was generated. The word infographic identifies the most frequently used words. I thought I'd share the results.
The reoccurring theme of the 'Home Computer Environment' study was that education should provide improved access to information to assist learning, work and research. From the survey results it would also be fair to assume that most parents understand the advantages of 1-to-1 and almost all families have Wi-Fi.
Thank you to all parents who participated in the survey to help paint a picture of the home landscape. Your involvement has been appreciated.


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