Lose 5kg in 5 minutes!

I probably need to lose some weight. In fact, the sun beckoning me from bed in the early hours of the morning is my constant reminder that I must slide out from under the covers and conduct physical activity to shed the pounds. Exercise takes commitment and I am aware that approximately two or three weeks of persistence develops a new habit. I suppose this is why many people are after a quick fix to lose weight. Three weeks seems like forever and instant results are often desired.

There are celebrities who have developed programs and companies that have made a fortune from the need for people to obtain weight loss remedies. It was only this morning that I renewed my vows and have decide to rise early and conduct my morning exercise. Hopefully I will be able to maintain the effort and develop new life habits as a result of my realisation that fitness must improve. I am familiar with a few ways to shed kilos and the best way to lose 5kg in five minutes must simply be shared.

Firstly, to lose the weight and shed the unwanted baggage, one must first purchase an iPad or similar device. On the tablet install a virtual notebook, applications to replace a dictionary and thesaurus as well as DropBox and Evernote. While downloading applications, install YouVersion 'Holy Bible' and become familiar with the native applications; Mail, Calendar, Notes and Camera. With this programs loaded onto your device it's time to start shedding the kilograms.

Leave the bible, thesaurus, dictionary, notebooks, pencil case and folders at home. The student diary can also be relocated to the bookshelf. The device was previously loaded with all the applications that are needed to ensure productivity and organisation. The iPad can now be placed within the school bag. The port will be so much lighter with all the heavy contents removed and the iPad being used as a substitution. The bible, dictionary, thesaurus, notebooks, binders and stationery have been replaced with digital equivalence and they have no physical weight. Impressive!

Many people have often commented on the need for students to have school bags with double shoulder straps and a waste belt to spread the load evenly over the body. Unfortunately, many students believe the proper use of school bags is completely contrary to fashion sense and prefer to carry weight across one shoulder and this places significant strain on muscles and spinal alignment. Some female students think handbags are the ideal way to carry their school supplies and personal belongings to school and this could have an even greater impact on long term health. Reducing baggage is an important step toward correcting health and well being.

Using digital versions of school supplies and texts will eliminate approximately five kilogram and there will be additional weight to be shed. As teachers make the transition to using eBooks and online resources that are available through various book publishers, life will become less complex and the burden of carrying learning resources to school will be reduced. Besides the weight loss there are significant savings to be made. An excellent example is the scientific calculator which can cost in excess of two hundred dollars while there are applications available that cost only several dollars. Furthermore, use of iTunesU or other means of sharing and distributing content can bring significant reduction to paper use which reduces weight, costs and impact on the environment.

The use of tablet technology by students can be intimidating for parents. There is little reason for concern. As long as parents remain vigilant and monitor their child's activities then the advantages will become increasingly apparent. Parents should encourage their children to use the device in a common area to complete homework and once complete, the device should be recharged and turned to silent. Some parents may decide that their children may check the device once before bedtime. Children should not be taking the device into their bedroom, because to obtain good rest and ensure sleep hygiene, any distractions should be removed. Parents set the boundaries and may decide that the weekend is not the time to being using tablet technology because the device is for school use. Other parents may decide that occasional use during the weekend is acceptable, while others may nominate Sunday as a digital sabbath. All of these ideas are excellent and consistency is paramount.

When family wake it the morning, the stresses of life are minimised. Once breakfast has been consumed and the lunch is packed and placed in the school bag, all one must do is take the iPad off charge, slide it within the near empty school bag and enjoy the journey to school. Children will appreciate their lives being made more simple and that their school bag isn't loaded down by the kilos of unnecessary weight.


  1. Congratulations on 4000 views! Im sure you have inspired many teachers with your posts.

  2. Congratulations on 4000 views Im sure you have inspired many people with your posts.

  3. Hey Tim, Thank you for the well wishes. Now 4279! Looking forward to 5000. Adam King


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