Why I Stopped Using Facebook

I had a Facebook account several years ago and decided to close it down. I originally closed it because I considered its use as a complete waste of time. When I commenced my position as Digital Learning Coordinator I thought it might be valuable to restart the account so I was familiar with the various privacy settings of Facebook. I decided to also start a Pinterest account, however, it has since become dormant. During the year I enjoyed using Facebook, however, in the month of September I decided that Facebook was simply not for me and for this reason decided to terminate its activity altogether.
I would like to detail seven reasons;

Reason 1 - Friends
I like having friends for dinner and going around to their place for lunch. I enjoy real life connectivity and believe the virtual world lacks authenticity when it comes to relationships. I have often wondered if Facebook friends are simply work associations and acquaintances or school friends from a paste lifetime. Seriously... how many friends can you have? 200? I don't think so. Real friends text and call and drop by to visit occasionally. When was the last time you had a Facebook friend around for a coffee?

Reason 2- Posts
I believe some things are meant to be private and often wondered why my wall was being littered with various content that in its own right should be sacred. I would prefer for ultra sound images and xray images to remain private and when it comes to swearing... I think it looks like graffiti on my profile. I also am not particularly interested in seeing the different things that people have liked. I enjoy eating chocolate too... but, I'm not going to 'Like' it for the world to see.

Reason 3 - Images
I like sharing pictures with friends and having them share pictures with me. I enjoyed the collaboration through each 'Comment' and 'Like'. Unfortunately, I found some pictures inappropriate and therefore I had to 'Unfriend' various contacts. I know that there are alternative pathways to adjusting what appears on your wall, however, social media should simply not be this complicated. Within the last several months my wall has been filling with 'Likes' and advertising and it seems to me that the purpose of Facebook is being lost in the confusion of posts. Facebook provides a platform for bragging and self promotion and I found myself falling into this trap and simply don't want to be this kind of person. My life and activities are personal and I now plan to keep it this way.

Reason 4 - Check In
The concept of Check In is dangerous. I've used it myself, however, recently realised that posting my location increases the potential risk for home invasion and theft. In addition, I am not particularly interested in knowing that friends have arrived at the Burnside IGA... the reason being... we all shop and purchase groceries. I have realised that people shouldn't be interested in my arrival at a local cafe because we all go to a cafe every now and again. The question should be asked... if we are so excited about where we are located... why would we be distracted by needing to notify people of our whereabouts instead of simply enjoying being where we are?

Reason 5 - Glitches
There are continual reports on various issues with Facebook. The latest glitch that has been reported is that some people's private messages are appearing on their public wall for all contacts to see. Sometimes glitches are simply because one isn't fully aware of their privacy settings and the various implications associated with each choice. Social media should not be so trivial. Facebook should come with a manual! If you need one... Click Here!

Reason 6 - Invitations and Tagging
I consider myself busy and simply do not want to waste my time playing FarmVille or other such applications and therefore I do not want to be invited to participate in such activities. Word Games and Puzzles... no thanks. While talking about invitations, I repeatedly experienced requests for me to share my DOB and Calendar with friends. On most occasions I denied requests. While having my Facebook account I ignored various invitations, deleted certain tags and also rejected friend requests. Push notifications from various businesses and groups began to get very annoying. Facebook requires personal commitment and management and this places demand on an already busy schedule. I wanted to use social media... my intention was not for it to use me.

Reason 7 - Time
Uploading photos to Facebook and sharing posts take time. Several times during the week you may find yourself browsing the timeline and reading various posts. The Facebook App was installed on my iPhone and I discovered myself checking Facebook more and more. I finally became aware of the time investment that was unknowingly being made. Facebook requires a commitment and I am simply at a point in time where I now want return on my investments. I personally believe the return on Facebook is minimal.

I have cleaned out my social media and simply rely on Twitter and Instagram. Twitter can be clean, simple and uncomplicated. Twitter meets my needs and allows my to integrate images from Instagram when necessary. I can share images by adding a hashtag (#shareyoursunrise). Twitter builds community and allows your voice to be heard by more than close friends.

Facebook has unlimited characters for each post and this may explain why often there is useless information shared. In contrast, a post in Twitter is limited to 140 characters and this makes information concise and informative. The timeline is not junked up with unrelavent information. The timeline in Twitter is rich with content and full of helpful information. Twitter is an online learning community and a platform to construct your own professional learning network (#PLN).

Family have asked me to return to Facebook, however, my shared family photos will remain housed in Instagram and family can access the images or browse the gallery when they need. Facebook served my needs and it has many benefits, however, my needs have outgrown its capabilities. I am aware that Facebook is a powerful medium and people find it extremely beneficial. It provides unity for friends and can assist people in need and at times support people in crisis. Despite these advantages, I have decided that FB is simply not for me.

Ultimately, I was bored with Facebook and I have found Twitter refreshing to use. The platform has supreme educational benefit and the ability to share content is truly powerful. Making a post in Twitter is called a 'Tweet' and when your statement insightful it may be 'Retweeted' by the people that 'Follow'. Depending on Privacy Settings you can be alerted of any activity associated with your account and this is helpful while learning the ropes of Twitter. Once in the flow of things, Privacy Settings can be adjusted and you can take comfort in the fact that your account is self managed which is completely different to the amount of time you may need to pour into servicing your Facebook account. I have enjoyed accompanying my television viewing while using Twitter because I can be involved in discussion and view the opinions of others. Twitter adds a different dimension to conferences, meetings and life.


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