Adult Cyberbullying

This post is made from deep rooted concern and heart felt trouble. This entry is simply crafted from my soul spring of emotions and thoughts. I am being honest and completely open and have never used my blog as a platform for sharing my personal feelings.

I have never witnessed heartless action with email until tonight. To be honest... I am sickened and feel truly heavy hearted.

We opened our Hotmail account tonight and I saw an email that had been forwarded to an entire group. The email timeline was a private conversation between two adults who were sharing their personal and private opinions. The conversation was between two friends of ours and neither of the adults are employed at the school with which I work. The conversation became nasty and included swearing. It was quite vicious. In fact in all my history of working with emails I have never witnessed anything quite so brutal.

Then the final blow. The low punch that was well below the belt. In my opinion the final action was the most ruthless. The private email was forwarded to an entire group. One of the people within the private conversation sent the incriminating evidence onto an entire group and carbon copied the other member of the private conversation into the email. This is the definition of low. This is an excellent example of inappropriate use of email. In fact it's cyberbullying!

What makes this so heartless is that I am aware of this individuals circumstances and the troubles that they face and to then send the email onto the masses is thoughtless and truly unkind. It compounds the situation and makes matters even worse. It is this kind of action that drives individuals to the 'edge' and even to the point of taking their own life.

I have focused much of my attention on explaining responsible use of emails to students. It seems that there may be some adults that may require support in identifying the appropriate and inappropriate use of email. One thing is sure... private conversation should never be forwarded to an entire group. Another side note is that it is much better to speak about private issues with people in person.

Like my mother use to say, "If you can't say anything nice... don't say anything at all". Don't type it and don't send it!


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