Halloween or Holy Scene?

On Wednesday 31st October, I witnessed many children walking the streets in costume to knock on doors and collect a 'trick' or 'treat'. Many of these children were not accompanied by an adult and certainly didn't appear to be supervised. Fortunately, I was able to deter people from coming to my door by switching off lights.

I believe that there are amazing similarities between Internet use and Halloween. Access to online resources, content and materials can be either a 'trick' or a 'treat' and it is important to monitor our children's online activities as they enter different locations and view different sites. The screams I heard within the streets demonstrate that often there are surprises.

The Trick - Web browsing and using digital communication can be a 'trick'. There are certain disadvantageous associated with digital technologies. Social Media is a classic example. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are an attractive medium for online discussion. Use of Social Media can become an addiction and often the quantity of virtual friends is often regarded social status for young children. Parents must remember that Social Media must not be used by children under thirteen years of age.

The Treat - In order to ensure Internet activity remains a safe and secure activity, children of all ages require guidance. Use of digital technologies can be a real 'treat' and assist understanding, productivity and learning. Web browsing and the use of applications are enhanced when the activity is collaborative. To maintain a 'Holy Scene' it is essential that expectations are discussed regularly and consequences are enforced. Use of web filtering is always advised. I have suggested numerous times that introducing a digital Sabbath is an excellent way to reserve quality family time without the distraction of mobile devices.
Digital technologies can be either a 'trick' or 'treat'. The advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages. Technology in the hands of students is the candy of education; it makes learning sweet and each and every learning experience a new delight.


  1. Hi Adam, I was just browsing through some of your articles and eventually made my way to your profile and noticed a massive discord between your pageviews and profile views. Are you being hacked? Or do you just have a heck of a lot of admirers?
    Great article by the way; even with my own kids I am constantly reminded of how easily it is to spoil our children with technology. Apple, although their products are beneficial in many ways, have made their products frighteningly alluring. I find that I am sometimes even tempted to pick up the ultra-refined product for no other reason than to play with the oh-so responsive and georgious retina display. But in the end, I suppose, we can only blame the driver.
    Keep it coming!

  2. I have noticed this before. 3568618 profile views and 5000+ Blog views. I am not too sure of why there is such a significant difference. What I do know... is that I have visited analytics of ‘theworkpad’ and am able to view where the traffic is coming from. Most times the traffic is passing through the school website or the portal (SharePoint). There are many occasions of where the traffic is from random sites. I have clicked on some of these locations to see 'who' has been visiting my site, only to discover that they are undesirable contacts and complete spam. Some of the sources are truly inappropriate. I think that some companies must skip blogger sites as a form of advertising in hope of alluring business and interest. I suppose this is one of the risks of blogs and an open source product like Google. I think that this must account for the overwhelming profile views. I also understand your opinion on technology and how it has an almost hypnotic quality. What makes things even easier is that devices are portable making it even easier to multitask. The retina display certainly makes the use of technology increasingly appealing. Thanks for reading.


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