I would like to share my experiences in using Windows and Apple and state the companionship, union and moments of conflict that are encountered when using multiple platforms. I should state that I am by no means 'a Mac man'. I have used Windows since I can first remember and have only recently become acquainted with a Mac Air. I know Apple about as well as I know how to sew, however, I am confident in using the iPad and have fallen in love with my iPhone. I am delighted with the way the two devices talk and how information is streamed between the two units.

I do remember my very first computer. It was an Amstrad CPC 6128. I'm not even sure it would even qualify as a computer, however, I do recall imputing basic data and scripts to get geometric patterns swirling across the screen. The computer had the memory of today's basic wrist watch and the graphics simply consisted of a series of blocks and squares. The most exciting game was 'Pong', however, I did enjoy playing 'Into the Eagles Nest'. I would cruise the rock maze, discover food and weapons and battle the enemy and take refuge behind walls in search for the hidden medical pack. I think that the Amstrad may be the reason I have an interest in using technology.

Besides this brief encounter with a basic computer system, I became an avid fan of Windows and found the use of Word, Excel and PPT functional, productive and at times powerful. I particularly enjoyed crafting basic movies using MovieMaker. Use of the various applications became predictable and at times boring. While others may find enjoyment in discovering new methodologies and functions, I found myself in a pickle and wanting something new.

At the close of 2011, I was given an iPad2 and it was my introduction to the Apple world. I set up my iTunes account on my Windows PC and synchronised the tablet. I was able to purchase applications without error and the experience was truly enlightening. I also installed iTunes on my work machine and found that having two computers didn't complicate the situation at all.

I took photos with my iPad as well as other media and was able to import the files onto my PC without dilemma and I was also able to transfer them to my portable hard drive effortlessly. The media play beautifully on my Samsung television and using multiple platforms or brands didn't influence the quality of images or film at any time during the process.

Throughout 2012 I have been using the iPad more and more. In fact I would say that the majority of my work is produced on the iPad. Most blog entries are crafted on the iPad and even this particular post has been developed by using the 'Blogger+' app from the App Store. I produce the majority of my work files on the iPad including two weekly publications for the school community. I use the camera, 'Diptic', 'iPhoto', Safari and Pages to handcraft the articles.

I have attempted to use Keynote on my iPad and transfer the files to PPT. I have noticed many formatting issues. Text, images, font and shapes all were shifted when transferring files between the two mediums. In like manner, Excel files were slightly impacted. The main differences between Excel and Numbers has been the alterations of colour and size of various cells. In all honesty, I experienced very little if any formatting issues between Word and Pages. At various times the word processing documents would need to be ever so slightly reformatted and by this I simply refer to the need to drag a few text boxes down a small fraction or slightly move an image that covered text.

With all this said, however, I should state that my experiences were between a Windows environment and the use of an iPad. I have found that the best way to construct work is to always remember that it is in draft form on the iPad and can be completed on a PC, unless the entire file is to be started and completed on the iPad. In this case, the iPad is a perfect piece of machinery. I cannot foresee many reasons for why items need to be shifted between devices when the iPad is able to achieve most tasks at hand. The PC should simply be for refining work and when it is complete it can be saved as a PDF, forwarded to the iPad to be read without error.

In October I was given a MacAir and I have Office for Mac installed (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). The files transfer from this laptop to my Windows PC at home without mistake and look exactly the same way they appeared in my office.

Basically, Office for Mac and Windows are perfectly married. The iPad and Windows laptop are in a relationship and they are sorting out their issues. The full blown Pages, Numbers and Keynote for Mac and their connection with Word, Excel and PPT are not at all the best match. From reports that I've heard from students, the process can be painful when working between the two platforms.

The tailored version of the applications (Pages, Keynote and Numbers) on the iPad work in union with the Windows PC. The iPad also works well with the Mac World as one would expect. In conclusion, the iPad is an excellent device to be used within schools because the iPad allows students to learn 'any place, any way and at any pace' and when returning to the creature comforts of the home environment they can either conclude studies and work on the tablet or share the files with either a Windows PC or Mac and know that there will be minimal if any complications.



  1. A great read as always. Thanks again Adam!

  2. By the way, would you suggest a MacAir over a laptop for a Windows PC user?


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