WiFi or WiFi & 3G/4G

Some people are unsure whether to select an iPad with WiFi or an iPad with WiFi and 3G/4G capabilities. Students at NCC will not be allowed to use 3G models. iPads can be distinguished by their rear design. iPads that are only WiFi are completely silver while 3G models have a black band across the top as featured in the end illustration. So... 3G or no 3G... that is the question.

Which one is the WiFi version?

Why would I purchase a WiFi version?

1.        Where can I use an iPad with WiFi at the moment?

a.      At home on a wireless network
b.      At school on the school network
c.       Macdonalds provide free WiFi
d.      Starbucks , Zarrafa's and other cafes and eating places
e.      Motels and apartment blocks
f.        Public places in CBD areas, libraries and some parks in Brisbane
g.       Soon to be available in some public spaces on the Sunshine Coast

2.       Where can I use an iPad with WiFi in the very near future?

a.       All of the above
b.      Shortly NBN is going to make available wireless across the region (18-24 months)

3.       Where can I use an iPad with WiFi and 3G/4G?

a.       All of the above
b.      Where there are no WiFi connections available

Why would I purchase the 3G/4G version?

1.       If I wanted to use GPS options on the iPad instead of the SmartPhone
2.      Some people have concerns about the health risks associated with using WiFi

There are various pitfalls of an iPad with 3G. There will be the ongoing costs of a data plan. Although there are inexpensive low cost and competitive plans available you will not receive notification of whether you have gone over your limit allocation. You will only be informed of your monthly data usage when you receive your monthly bill and this may provide a rude shock.

Some people I know have been getting 200-300 dollar excess usage bills and this is not a desirable experience. In contrast to tablet technology, your smart phone will warn you as you approach your usage limit. It is always advised to connect, tether or pair your SmartPhone with your iPad to avoid having to manage two data plans. In this manner you will be notified of excessive data usage and be able to manage usage.

My recommendation is to always purchase a WiFi model. They are cheaper too!


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