iPad4 for Staff and Students

Having a new iPad in a box and knowing what to do with it can be strangely exciting and daunting at the same time. Using something new and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. While information can be sourced from various locations to ensure that the process is simple and easy, it often ends up being confusing. For this reason I have created this post and documented the six things that you need to do to get yourself started with your new iPad4.

1. Collect the Goodies
Family Administration Day (FAD) is the date scheduled for iPad deployment. Prior to arrival, the iPad terms and conditions of agreement should be read. The form can be found on the portal as of 11/01/13. The document will also be available on FAD for your reference. Once at school digital documentation is signed on an iPad using an iPad stylus. Signatures are required by parents/guardians and students after which the iPad and resources will be provided.

2. Case Up, Charge Up and Prepare
Once home, the Gumdrop Case needs to be placed around the iPad. Care should be taken to ensure the glass protector remains finger print free and the iPad screen should also be polished. The iPad then needs to slide into the plastic frame ensuring it is inserted the right way up. Make sure that you do this right as it is often very difficult to get it back out of the plastic framing. The silicon cover needs to wrap firmly around the device to secure the screen protector against the iPad.

The iPad should then be charged to prevent interruptions during initial setup. The iPad does come with some charge, however, once it is up and going you may want to play with it for hours and you will have wished you had it at full charge from the beginning. Access the Staff, Student or Parent Portal on a laptop or computer and log into SharePoint to access 'Digital Learning @ NCC'. Locate files titled 'Out of the Box'. While the iPad is on charge you may want to read the iPad User Guide on the Portal.

3. Out of the Box
Use the step by step guide to setup your iPad. There are fourteen steps that need to be followed. Screen shot images provide clarification. Approximately thirty minutes should be assigned for iPad activation. Once activated correctly, browse the Apps that are preinstalled. These applications are referred to as Native Apps. There is a Native Application Guide on the Portal as well as an iPad User Guide that was referred to earlier to provide specific details on iPad navigation and use.

4. Install Applications
One of the native applications on the iPad is the App Store. It can be used to find, purchase and install Apps. The required applications listed on SharePoint must be installed. The bolded applications will be emailed to you, therefore, do not purchase the bolded applications (iWorks and iLife) and simply install the free applications. You have been provided an iTunes Gift Card for your convenience. The credit can be redeemed within iTunes to make purchases. Ensure you have WiFi connection and use Safari to access the school website on your iPad. Access the portal and find your required application list (4-6, 7-9, 10-12 or P-12 Teachers). With the file open on your iPad, 'click' on each link and you will be taken directly to the App for easy installation.

5. Ready, Set, Go
The iPad can now be used. Become familiar with your new applications. They will enhance teaching and learning, improve efficiency and productivity. Years 10-11 may bring their iPads to school in Week 1 of Term 1. Years 12, 7-9 may bring their iPad in Week 2 of Term 1. Years 4-6 may use their iPads at school from the start of Week 3. The staggered start will ensure connectivity issues are sorted and also that all students complete Digital Citizenship Courses to provide adequate coaching and education.

6. Certificates and Authentication
In Safari, type 'web/certs/' into the web browser as shown in the image below and install Certificate 1 and Certificate 2. The two certificates enable permissions while on school campus. When on the school campus, ZScaler information will need to be entered for authentication. The ZScaler authentication requires email address to be entered and your network password. The ZScaler window will launch on the iPad on first internet use on Campus. Your details should only need to be entered once. Once completed you will have network access.

The process is suppose to be simple and easy. If you have trouble, post your comments on this blog and your views and thoughts may assist others. Apple Care is also provided with your device and Apple can be contacted for assistance. The YouTube Links within 'My Guide' are useful demonstrations and tutorials. Alternatively, make contact and we may be able to provide necessary assistance.


  1. Nice post. Keep updating. Can you guide me to online dealers that give out ipad 2 cases at affordable rates

  2. I visited and have talked with numerous schools. The majority of colleges have purchased through suppliers or eBay. iPad cases are at affordable rates on eBay with reasonable cases available for approximately ten or fifteen dollars. You get what you pay for, however, and we selected Gumdrop Cases because of the superior protection and excellent reviews. They are priced accordingly and cost almost $60 for each case. If you are not wanting to buy bulk and are happy to visit stores, JB HiFi often have sales and reduced prices on cases particularly if you require cases for second generation iPad.


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