Import a Video from YouTube to Keynote

The use of various applications enable a workflow. Through clever use of various tools a product can be achieved that at first may have been thought impossible with an iPad. Truth be told the iPad is often perceived as simply a consumption device, however, the iPad can achieve a lot more than first thought and is an amazing device that can support, learning and product creation.

It should be stated that the terms and conditions of YouTube apply in the process of downloading content. Permission must be obtained from the owner of material and consent given for material to be downloaded unless Creative Common applies. To know more about Copyright Laws one should consult someone who understands acceptable practices with digital publications.

Providing you have permission to import a video from 'YouTube' to 'Keynote' follow this step by step guide.

1. Look for the resource on 'YouTube' that you would like to use in your presentation.

2. Copy the URL from 'YouTube'.

3. Open an App that is able to download 'YouTube' videos such as 'Tube Downloader'.

4. Paste the 'YouTube' link into 'Tube Downloader'.

5. Select 'Buffer Video to Cache'.

6. Select 'Download'.

7. Open 'Downloads'.

8. Open 'Files'.

9. Video now available for use.

10. Select 'Open In'.

11. Nominate 'DropBox'.

12. Video to be saved in 'DropBox'.

13. Video now available in 'DropBox'.

14. Press the star to 'Favourite' the Movie.

15. Save to 'Camera Roll'. Video now available in 'Camera Roll'.

16. Open 'Keynote' and select presentation.

17. Select 'Media'.

18. Nominate the YouTube Video that was downloaded.

19. Video is now embedded and can be resized.

20. Video in now displayed in presentation mode.

The video that was in the 'Camera Roll' can be used in many applications such as Book Creator to assist student in creating a dynamic narrative with embedded video and audio. The workflow process herein involved 20 steps. The process may be broken down in numerous other ways, however, this system has proved to be successful for myself time and time again and is always a simple and smooth process.


  1. Love this! Thanks so much for investing the time for the step-by-step and screenshots!

    1. Thanks for reading. Hope the posts assist with your own use of technology.

  2. Don't forget about the youtube terms of service which does not allow material to be downloaded (even though you can do it) unless it is specified by the owner, you own it or under Creative Commons. Working in Education we should be encouraging educators to respect copyright and set an example to students.

    You should mention this in your article.

    1. Thank you for the advise. I have amended the article and added a second paragraph. Thanks again.


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