Valentine's Day: I love Evernote!

Every person who receives an iPad soon discovers that the native 'Notes' application is simply insufficient. An application that captures notes, records audio and enables folder creation and organisation of data is essential for quality teaching and learning. Furthermore, effective note taking requires synchronisation between devices and also the ability to connect to multiple applications to enable data transfer and upload. Many individuals seek an application that operates as a web clipper and the ability to share information for enhanced communication and improved collaboration. Fortunately, Evernote meets all of these needs and more.

With Valentine's Day being this week, I thought I'd share ten reasons of why I love Evernote and why I highly recommend it being a docked application.

1. Easy folder creation and edited of structure.

2. Note taking tools including check lists, bullet points, voice and camera recording.

3. Ability to move notes between folders for enhanced workflow.

4. The function to 'Create a Public Link' or invite guests to enable collaboration.

5. Simple integration of media to create rich note taking.

6. Fluidity and multi-gesturing within the App.

7. Easy upload to Evernote within other applications (Pages illustrated).

8. Automatic synchronisation between applications (Skitch illustrated).

9. Integrated support and setting functions to improve App mechanics.

10. App pairing to consolidate notes (Penultimate illustrated).

While there are perhaps thousands of applications that operate as note taking tools, Evernote is certainly more powerful than most and allows access to notes from multiple devices. I can access my notes on my iPad, iPhone or laptop. The ease with which notes can be accessed increases functionality. Sharing of information between devices is easy and prevents the need for emailing documents backwards and forwards to yourself or others.

Evernote is undoubtedly one of my favourite applications and for this reason highly recommend that it is docked on your iPad for quick reference. When your at your next lesson or meeting, open Evernote, record conversation, capture images and embed them within your notes and add web clips and share your notes with colleagues or friends. It couldn't be easier and more fluid.

Happy Valentine's Day Evernote!


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