iPad Workflow for Primary

Anyone can use an App. Just tap it and you're away and close it and your done. What proves to be a real challenge is to use numerous applications simultaneously to develop a workflow and ultimately a final product. Using numerous tools at the same time is a true test of skill and a proven manner to inspire high order thinking skills (Blooms Taxonomy).

When students work within one application their creativity and innovation can be stifled. Working within a single application can be advantageous, however, using a sequence of applications can create a unique workflow. If students are provided with a learning objective and have the chance to select the journey to their success, they are likely to be more engaged and demonstrate on task behaviour.

Recently a teacher approached me with an idea. They were aware of what they wanted the class to achieve, however, they were a little unsure of what Apps would be needed to generate the workflow that would be necessary to make the needed product. The teacher wanted for the students to make an eBook that included different reasons for why literacy is important.

The students initially used 'Pages' to construct a personal contract. The students added their name and date on the bottom of the contract and added a line for the teacher and themselves to add a signature. The file was then opened as a PDF in 'Remarks' and then the students signed their contract and passed their iPad to their teacher who also signed the form after the agreement had been read. The students then used 'Mail' and forwarded the contract to their teacher.

The class then proceeded to fulfil their duty and constructed an eBook. The class used 'Safari' and 'Skitch' to produce a cover image for their publication. The image was cropped in 'Photos' and then exported to 'Book Creator' to become the cover of their text. On the following pages the students were required to use a different App for each page. On each page of 'Book Creator' the students needed to outline the importance of literacy within our everyday lives.

Some students decided to use 'Explain Everything' for the first of their pages. The students opened the 'Dictionary' App and took screen shots. The images were then opened in 'Explain Everything' and the students recorded themselves explaining how the definitions and meanings of words improved vocabulary. The media was then exported to the Camera Roll and then embedded within 'Book Creator'. The students added text to provide a brief description on how literacy skills are enhanced through the use of a dictionary.

On the following page students captured footage of themselves detailing the importance of reading. Some students added the file to 'iMovie' to add titles, transitions and affects. Some students used 'PicCollage', 'ArtSet' or 'Notability' and some students captured images within 'Story Boards' to detail the importance of Language. Grammar, Punctuation, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Communication were among some of the most popular issues that were addressed by the students.

Most students produced an eBook that consisted of six or eight pages. The task demanded the use of a range of applications. By using numerous Apps within the workflow the class were able to select tools that catered for their needs. In result the activity was personally meaningful and allowed the students to be autonomous learners.

Throughout the activity the students were engaged and focused on their projects. The projects were worked on within various lessons throughout the week and students were provided opportunities to share their work with peers. On the last day, some students were selected to mirror their iPads to the data projector through Apple TV. The work samples that were produced by the class were outstanding. Despite only having the iPads for five weeks, the students were able to demonstrate unique workflows.


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