What can 'Siri' do for me?

'Siri' is a feature that may be under utilised on the iPhone or iPad. The feature is simply a voice activated search engine that can provide useful information and support productivity. The assistive technology has a welfare of benefits and interestingly Android devices have introduced the same feature on their devices and simply turned 'Siri' around and called it 'Iris'.

Siri can assist classroom work with students being broken up into small or large groups and being asked to find relevant information quickly. Students can speak to their device and have content and life organised.

The screenshots below demonstrate what Siri can do for you! I have detailed what I said and the responses that were obtained and also included an image to illustrate results.

Metric conversion
I said "Convert 6.5 feet to centimeters" and answers were obtained.

Gathering facts
I asked "How old is Delta Goodrem?" and specific details were given.

Sourcing information
I asked "Will it rain tomorrow?" and forecast was provided.

Typing an Email
I said "Send Mail" and then I stated what was to be included.
Event creation
I said "Create an Event" and Calendar items were then determined.

Note dictation
I said "New Note" and then I was able to dictate my sentences.
Searching the Internet
I said "Search web for World War Two" and results were provided.

View appointments
I asked "What's happening today?" and appointments were provided.

Opening applications (Apps)
I said "Open DropBox" and the App opens. This works with all Apps.

Posting Reminders
I said "New Reminder" and I shared a detailed description.

Siri can assist productivity, research and organisation. What would you like to do today? Ask Siri, she may be able to help you. Apparently, Siri works perfectly with the Google Drive App and you can dictate directly to your documents. This might be my next adventure to test the capabilities of my little personal assistant.


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