Day 1: Notes from 'Google Apps for Education' (Friday 12th April 2013)

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7:30 am
  • Arrival, Registration, Continental Breakfast and Coffee. Catch up with friends.
8:30 am
  • Introduction and house keeping.
  • Google's mission is to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
8:40 am
  • Keynote Presentation - Suan Yeo
  • Every three days content is doubling with information being uploaded and shared.
  • Cost of 1GB of Storage through the years.
  1. 1981 $300,000
  2. 1987 $50,000
  3. 1990 $10,000
  4. 1994 $1.000
  5. 1997 $100
  6. 2000 $10
  7. 2004 $1
  8. 2012 $0.10
  • How do you prepare students for a world that they can't see?
  • Just highlight what is important to you?
  • If students all learn in different ways... why do we test them in the same way?
  • Technology is not new if you are born into it!
  • Educators must remember that how we learn is not how students learn.
  • Collaboration is important to the lives of children and the success of learning and knowledge growth.
  • The web is the new learning platform.
  • It may be possible that by the year 2019 half of all classes for grades K-12 will be taught online.
  • Khan, Gooru, edX, Udacity, coursers, course-builder.
  • Gangnam Style was accelerated to stardom because of social media.
  • Google Search App: Smart Dad.
  • Technology has to enable learning outside the classroom.
  • Teach with technology, not teach technology.
  • Every classroom has a desk and a chair. Often people think that classroom learning is compromised without furniture. In the same way... without technology learning is compromised.
  • Google Docs provides excellent collaborative tools for education.
  • Google Chrome is an innovative platform that allows multiple devices to collaborate.
  • Updates are usually available every five or six weeks.
  • Why don't we teach students to use Ctrl+F?
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine.
  • As you preparing your students for their future or your past?

10:00 am
  • Getting Started Guide to Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Forms - Mark Garrison
  • The benefit of Google Docs is that you can create all kinds of content and access it from anywhere.
  • Create a document, presentation and form and share it with people who can also view, share and edit.
  • Create folders and manage content and organise material.
11:30 am
  • Flubaroo takes advantage of Google Forms and generating marks automatically.
  • There is also the ability to forward marks, feedback and results directly to the test participant.
  • Allow multiple answers by typing '7 %or 34' for example.
12:30 pm
  • Lunch
1:30 pm
  • Google Docs in Education
  • Conferencing and group editing of work is possible with real time editing by sharing documents with friends and colleagues.
  • Google Forms has so many different applications.
  • Whatever was once done with paper can be completed with Google Docs.
  • Todd Roth has created templates that can be used.
  • The site is useful tool for students constructing work.
  • Tools and research tools is helpful when creating documents.

3:00 pm
  • YouTube is dedicated to learning.
  • Capture for iPhone will enable instant upload.
  • Annotations within YouTube allow clickable areas for interactions.
  • Caption Files and Transcript.
  • Creator's Playbook will provide video tutorials.
4:30 pm
  • Demo Slam with 3 minute presentations by renown Google experts.
  • Use Google Docs to create Collaborative crosswords.
  • Google Docs will assist awkward social skills to enable social integration.
  • Google Custom Search.
  • Type flight numbers in Google to see travel progress.
  • Type 1USD in aud in Google and the current currency is revealed.
  • Type equations in Google for answers, calculators, graphs and in sometimes 3D Models.
  • The Chrome Web Store the Big G Black Bar Sorter. Install. Now edit the Bar.
5:30 pm
  • Close


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