How do you use iMessage in the Classroom?

Recently I was invited to work with a Science class in Middle School. The teacher wanted the students to produce a document and for them to work in small groups. The teacher was unsure of how the iPad would work within the lesson and asked for my help in delivering the lesson.

The class were to produce a collaborative document that outlined their understanding of energy. To commence the lesson I explained the task to the class. I also listed the four applications that would be used within the workflow. I believe that teachers should clearly outline the suite of applications to produce the product because it assists work productivity and prevents distractions yet still allows students to be creative. Sometimes students can get lost in the mechanics of applications rather than demonstrating their knowledge and understanding.

I wanted the students to use four applications;
  1. Pages
  2. Camera
  3. Safari 
  4. iMessage
I explained to the class that one person would be using Pages. On the template they needed to collate information that was going to be shared with them. The other students within the group were researchers. One student was to find information and share their facts and ideas with their editor by using iMessage. The other student in the group was also a researcher, however, needed to find photographic evidence that supported their argument. Students were also allowed to capture video footage of energy. The content needed to be shared using iMessage.

While the researchers were busy gathering their information and data, the student designated the role of editor and collator had time to develop a template onto which would be pasted the content that was shared with them via iMessage.

The students worked collaboratively and the documents that the students constructed were great. Pages allows captured video to be embedded into the document by saving the video within iMessage to the Camera Roll and then adding it as a media item to the template. After a duration of time the students presented their work by mirroring their iPads to AppleTV.

Needless to say iMessage was a powerful educational tool. iMessage can be used affectively and can enable students to work collaboratively. If teachers don't use iMessage in the classroom perhaps students might.


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