'The Menu'

To arouse interest and enthusiasm regarding the introduction of iPad technology, I decided to create a theme for our staff meeting. The event was called 'The Menu' and included workshops that were titled 'Entree' (15min) , 'Main' (30min) and 'Dessert' (15min). Staff arrived in the foyer of the lecture theatre for a simple afternoon tea that included coffee, tea and an assortment of biscuits. The agenda was centred on iPad technology and improving understanding regarding iOS and developing new skills to enhance teaching and learning with tablet technology.

The meeting commenced with a media presentation that I had constructed using 'Video Scribe'. During the brief video that was mirrored from my iPad, I placed three cloches on a large table and I also placed a chef's hat on my head as I thought being in costume would contribute to the overall creation of a theme. Underneath each cloche was an iPad and I used these to help serve the 'bite size snacks'. The novel approach generated interest and made the professional learning experience entertaining.

'Entree' included 'Thai Ping' (typing) and various other lessons that were concerned with basic iPad skills and general capabilities. The demonstrations were brief to ensure the session maintained rhythm and captured the attention of the audience. The 'bite size snacks' were intended to be a simple introduction to various tools and features that included;

Thai Ping (typing)
1. Shake to 'Undo'
2. Keyboard tricks & shortcuts
3. Keyboard microphone and dictation
Siri and 'Chime ease' (Chinese)
4. Enable Siri and dictate requests
5. Notifications and sounds
Signature Dish
6. Customising the default iPad Signature

The middle session was called 'Main' and provided an opportunity for staff to select a workshop that addressed an area of need and personal interest. The sessions were facilitated by students and this method of flipping education has emerged from my desire to construct a true learning community. Students that are identified as an 'iPad Genius' have completed an application form and successfully completed an audition. These skilled individuals become mentors and coaches in an area that they have identified as an area of expertise. The students become consultants and provide training for staff and the school community.

The workshops that were facilitated by students addressed the following;

1. Calendar
2. Notability
3. PDF Expert
4. Safari
5. Keynote
6. iPad Basics and iCloud
7. Evernote

As well as there being iPad workshops there was also two other sessions. Among them was a compulsory workshop for MacBook users. The following topics were addressed;

1. AirPlay (Mirroring)
2. Desktop and Windows Management
3. Docking Apps
4. Quitting Apps
5. Gestures
6. Adding Desktops
7. Hot Corners
8. Power and Screen Sleep
9. Password Changes
10. WiFi Management
11. File Management
12. Creating Folders
13. Network Drives
14. Favourites

After the 'Main' all teaching staff returned to the lecture theatre for 'Dessert'. During this segment I showcased little sweeteners that staff would be interested in and I also demonstrated certain online resources and tools that would assist teaching and learning. My items included;

1. Searching images in Google
2. Google Newspapers (The Sydney Mail)
3. Google Public Data (Financial and Energy Consumption)
4. Google Patent
5. Google Scholar (e.g.; iPads in Education)
6. Google Art Project
7. First Class (Human Edge Application)
8. Ted Talks

The professional learning workshop was completed within an hour. The entertaining approach maintained staff interest and also helped develop a learning community. Staff left satisfied and I believe that their hunger for learning new things had been fulfilled and their appetite for learning had been met.


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