Establish workflow between consumption and production devices

iPads are typically known as a consumption device, however, increasingly they are becoming a method of complete work production. Siri can be used for dictation and in affect an entire assignment could simply be spoken instead of laboriously tapping away at keys. This said, occasionally I have heard individuals state that they find the iPad unsuitable for work production and in some cases people are reporting neck or back ache. Posture and ergonomics are improved through establishing an environment that encourages correct posture. It is important to note the iPad is a wonderful example of modern technology, yet does not provide the only approach to completing studies and research.

At Nambour Christian College, an iPad has been provided as one of many tools. Students do not have to complete their entire assignment on an iPad using Pages. What is important is that word processing is used to complete tasks. Students can construct an assignment while at school on their iPad and then collect it at home on their laptop to complete their project work. Tasks can be sent and received between consumption and production stations with ease!

This is how;

1. Work on a document within Pages.

2. Select Tool and Share and Print.

3. Select Open in Another App.

4. Select Word if you are planning to continue work at a Windows station.

5. Choose App.

6. Select your preferred option. In this case I will use SkyDrive.

7. SkyDrive opens.

8. Select location and upload file.

9. Item loads.

10. New item is to be found in SkyDrive Documents.

11. Open SkyDrive on your PC.

12. Open Documents

13. Open with Word.

 14. Add information and continue work on the project.

15. Save to SkyDrive.

16. Updated file is synchronized with SkyDrive on iPad.

17. In SkyDrive on iPad select Open in Another App.

18. Select Pages.

19. Word document is imported.

20. Continue work on the article.

The File can be sent backwards and forwards to continue work. When the task is complete it can be submitted as a hardcopy if necessary, emailed or shared within Cloud storage (e.g.; SkyDrive, DropBox).

One of the advantages of working with Apple devices is that the document that is created within Pages is pushed between devices with iCloud. This means that providing Pages is installed on an iPhone, iPad and MacBook and there is connectivity, the project is automatically synchronized.

Workflow can become very fluid, however, it may take a while to become accustomed to a particular workflow design. Obviously there are alternative pathways that achieve the same result. Despite the preferred plan of attack designing a system to move a task from a consumption to production device can ultimately improve workflow efficiency while also encouraging correct posture, ergonomics, work habit and well being.

Save yourself the back ache and neck strain that can result from working and hosting all work on an iPad and instead use a workflow between consumption and production devices.



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