Proactive Parenting: Checklist for parents of children with iPads

Often children lack self-discipline and gravitate toward iMessage, Social Media and gaming. Sometimes adults may request their children to put digital devices away without providing an alternative. Positive parenting requires a proactive approach.

It may be worthwhile as a parent of children with mobile technology to complete a checklist to ensure healthy lifestyle is established within the family household.

◻ I have enabled iPad Restrictions and installed web filtering on the home network
◻ I have established house rules and revisit expectations regularly
◻ I expect my child to use the iPad in an open area and do not allow use of the iPad in bedrooms
◻ I greet my child when they arrive home
◻ I boil the kettle and make a cup of coffee or tea for myself and share afternoon tea with my child
◻ I discuss the day with my child and ask them what they need to do for homework
◻ I set a time frame for work completion and monitor activity
◻ I provide a brief portion of time for monitored use of the iPad outside of homework if the task is complete
◻ I use Guided Access when appropriate and necessary
◻ I review the work my child has completed on the iPad and display genuine interest in their productivity and work
◻ I eat dinner with my child at the family table with the television switched off
◻ I have boundaries for my own personal use of Social Networking, phone calls and texting
◻ I spend quality time with my child and have established family traditions (ie; Sunday bike ride, Friday Night Movie or Pizza Night)
◻ I have allocated time as a Digital Sabbath (ie; Saturday)
◻ I ensure the iPad and all mobile technology is turned off and charged overnight in a common area (illustrated below)
◻ I switch off WiFi at a designated time each and every night

Although this list is not comprehensive it can provide a foundation for parents desiring to create a home of love, respect and positive attitude. Reactive parenting can erode family values. Healthy lifestyle and harmonious atmosphere is created through a proactive approach to the use of mobile technology within the home.


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