QR Code - Choose Your Own Adventure

I have desired to use QR (Quick Reference) Codes for Staff Professional Development for a long time. I managed to use the technology within a recent session. I used QR Codes to provide an alternative way to deal with digital pedagogy. My QR Codes had a scenario within each and various options. For example;

Your Inbox is cluttered with submitted work including DropBox Links, PDF attachments, Evernote Links, SkyDrive Links and Google Drive Links. You decide;
1. It is better to use hardcopies. Go to A2.
2. Task should be attached to email as PDF. Go to D3.

The activity provided opportunity for staff to think about their teaching, student learning, their decisions and the consequences of their actions. I ensured that the first QR Code included a QR Code that provided access to a school map uploaded to my DropBox.

I generated all of my QR Codes using http://goqr.me/ and here are the eight steps I used to create and implement the interactive learning. The session used the concept of 'Choose Your Own Adventure'.

1. Develop a plan and draft the QR Code content.

2. Create your QR Codes.

3. Test QR Codes and check spelling and content.

4. Construct QR posters and print ready for scanning.

5. Display Posters.

6. Email staff details regarding need to install a QR Code Scanner.

7. Demonstrate how to use a QR Code Scanner or use footage.

8. Staff participate in the learning exercise.

If I could do things differently I would allow more time for the activity and insist that staff repeat the exercise and make different decisions along their journey. This would allow staff to understand more about the ramifications of choices and how different people may approach various circumstances.


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