7 things students will like about iOS7

Recently a student shared with me instructions on how to install iOS7. I have had several hours to navigate iOS7 Beta (iPhone) and I have discovered that there are numerous features that will appeal to students. In fact the new framework has numerous elements that will assist educators with the teaching and learning process.

Colour Palette
The new colour scheme and font make the identification of applications easy. The colour is harmonious and the tone is less vibrant making it a more comfortable browsing experience.

Notification Centre
The customisation of Notification Centre is appealing and promotes increased productivity and organisation. The Notification Centre can be pulled down from the top as usual and the embedded Calendar is more informative with a synopsis of future events. One can nominate notifications according to time; Today, All and Missed.

Utility Access
A swipe from the bottom of the screen reveals various utilities. People interested in Jail Breaking their iPad often customised their device to have access to the features that are now included with iOS7. Immediate access to tools is an enormous advantage. The inclusion of Aeroplane Mode will help minimise any disturbances during designated 'down time'.

The colour scheme of the keyboard, layout, font and format appear to make typing easier and less problematic. The keys appear larger and this should increase speed and accuracy.

Applications are often installed to allow one to create images that reflect mode and lifestyle. Now iOS7 brings the ability to capture square, panoramic and normal photos and add filters to images with ease by pressing the white button. When selecting video the camera button switches to red which makes it easier to determine if one is capturing photos or video. Often this confused students and teachers alike.

Search Bar
The URL space is also a search bar and therefore improves research methods. This new feature for iPad and iPhone simplifies the web browsing experience. People will now be less likely to Google 'Google'.

Closing Apps
Workflow is enhanced through simply swiping applications that need to be closed. Previously closing applications required tapping the red icon in the corner of icons and the task was tedious and very annoying. Sometimes I closed applications not fully aware of the task that I was closing and with several application I lost work that was in progress by having accidentally closed it down (ie; Blogger+). Now work and tasks are associated with each application by thumbnail view to ensure workflow remains uninterrupted.


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