So... why do students use iPads from Prep?

In the same way a builder uses plans to construct a framework and build a house, professional educators use a set of plans to guide teaching practice. The Australian Curriculum provides an outline for lessons including teaching addressing Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Teachers and schools for that matter do not simply make uninformed decisions regard what students learn. In like manner, iPads were not selected based on a "whim", "hunch" or because they are popular "fad". Nambour Christian College nominated the iPad as a suitable tool to address the requirements of education to address all general capabilities stated by ACARA in the Australian Curriculum.

The needs of twenty first century learners have been classified into five domains;
  • Applying social an ethical protocols and practices when using ICT
  • Investigating with ICT
  • Creating with ICT
  • Communicating with ICT
  • Managing and operating with ICT
Students are expected to use ICT to locate, access, generate, organise and/or analyse data and information. It is expected that students will know how to create, communicate and share information and manage digital creations, media, information and data.

According to the Australian Curriculum students from Prep are expected to be able to "make a digital recoding of their family" and be able to take a photo or play a "digital game" on mobile device "using a simulation or read an online book on a tablet". Within foundational years students need to be able to use "a camera to take a photograph" and "open applications" to create and complete a project task. The expected general capabilities are able to be completed successfully on an iPad with Internet connection.

As one would expect the expectations standards increase at each junction point throughout schooling. Senior students must demonstrate general capabilities including the use of "online applications and management tools for collaborative projects such as online portals, wikis; using common social networking tools for strategic purposes". Furthermore students are expected to model solutions in "spreadsheets, create movies, animations and websites". The iPad fulfils the requirement of most ICT general capabilities.

It is fair to conclude that ICT is embedded across all year levels from Prep to Year 12. Required skills are scaffolded to ensure learning is progressive. It is essential for students to have access to tablet technologies within each year level to address the needs of the Australia Curriculum. To ensure students "identify how they use ICT in multiple ways on multiple devices" students from Prep to Year 12 have access to laptops and PCs to supplement learning needs.


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