6 Days without the Internet

The other day my sister-in-law decided that she was going to go without Facebook for one week. To prevent distraction she removed the application from her mobile phone. I admire her for having the courage and deciding to challenge herself. From her self reflection and action I realised that I need to adopt a similar project and disconnect to connect. The determination of my sister-in-law has inspired my to have '6 Days without the Internet'.

I expect that I will meet my worst fears. I often have mobile technology close at hand and the convenience is going to be gone. I intend to postpone all microblogging and web browsing from Thursday 16th September until Wednesday 2nd October.

I enjoy using Twitter and conducting professional development by reading various posts and suggested articles. When in need of an immediate answer I find that I can find answers and solutions within seconds on Safari. Taking six days of leave from all online activity will be difficult because I heavily use mobile technology as P-12 Digital Learning Coordinator.

Currently I am on two weeks leave and must take a forced vacation. I often find myself working when I shouldn't be due to my engaged with work and interest in supporting the school community in their productive use of mobile technology. Anyone that thinks that technology is becoming more easily used is disillusioned because technology is expending at a phenomenal rate and more and more people are wanting to use technology in different ways. Staff, students and parents often send emails asking various questions and during holidays I find myself responding. In addition, I enjoy browsing the web to learn about current educational trends and recent developments in technology. I rely on Zite, Flipboard and Safari. I imagine my disconnection will create an element of frustration and discomfort.

To prepare myself for the detox I have created an 'Out of Office Reply' and posted notifications on Social Media (ie; Twitter and Instagram) and also made this blog entry. At the end of the six days I will report my observations, personal reflections and findings. I will still use SMS and phone calls to make contact as it is a valuable means to stay in contact with family and friends. I will also use my mobile phone and capture images if necessary. I shall continue to use the Alarm Clock and Calendar to ensure I maintain my personal organisation and productivity. I simply am going to take six days of leave from the 'World Wide Web'.

On a personal note, this morning I went to the doctors and my blood pressure was relatively high. I need to go to the clinic again next week and it will be intersting to see if the results have improved. I expect the results will be different and that I will be more in tune with myself. I imagine that I will have more quality and quantity time with my family and that I shall treasure each and every moment more than ever. I am certain that the experiment will result in enhanced lifestyle and enjoyment of living.

Disconnect to Connect


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