7 things to do before iOS7

iOS6 (left) compared to iOS7 (right)

The release of iOS7 this week will change the face of iPod, iPhone and iPad as we know it. It's not simply an upgrade... it's a total transformation of software architecture. I can provide testimony to the fact because I downloaded iOS7 Beta on my iPhone4S to trial the software. I totally enjoyed using the new interface. The template is more appealing, closing of apps is now incredibly simple and the entire workflow experience is beautifully designed to make iOS even more intuitive. This said, however, there are seven things I would recommend one do before upgrading to iOS7 on September 18th 2013.

1. Spring Clean

Remove unnecessary applications from your device. Apps that haven't been used for several months should be removed. Your purchase history will keep account of applications that you have purchased and applications can be reinstalled from iCloud at a later date if necessary. After the iOS7 release we can expect every application to be releasing updates and it may be preferable to have need of only conducting applications app dates on the essential applications. I recommend removing unused applications before iOS7 becomes available.

2. Transfer images and videos

The iOS7 update may delete or remove your images and videos stored on your device. It may be best practice to transfer the images onto a laptop or PC to prevent losing data. The loss of images and videos may not happen, however, you can never be too sure! It's better to be safe than sorry and therefore I recommend backing up your content to preserve those special memories and candid moments.

3. Usernames and Passwords

Various applications that you use may have instant access and therefore you may not necessarily enter Usernames and Passwords for services including Gmail, DropBox, Evernote, Instagram, Twitter and the like. It may be necessary to record your credentials for each applications before completing an iOS update to ensure that you have ease of access after installing iOS7. Otherwise you may have to do the whole 'forgot your password' and 'reset' thing and we all know how annoying that can be! It is more than likely that after completing the installation of iOS7 you will have immediate access to various applications without having to enter usernames and passwords, however, you cannot be too sure.

4. Note current settings and customisations

After having become acquainted with your devices and having developed a steady workflow the upgrade to iOS7 may unsettle your productivity and performance. After installing iOS7 it may be suitable to reinstate elements with which you were familiar so you are able to find your feet within the new technological ecosystem and colourful new environment. it may be advantageous to note current settings and customisations such as Restrictions Code, Guided Access, Privacy Settings and personal preferences including Notifications Centre and other such features.

5. Clear Cache and Cookies

It's probably important practice to clean web history before completing an iOS update and iOS7 is no exception. It may also be important to take note of Bookmarks and Reading Lists in case the record is cleared with the upgrade.

6. Backup

Needless to say may lose all data and files when completing an iOS7 installation. This is fact! It is essential that the device that is being upgraded from iOS6 to iOS7 has had a system backup to iCloud or iTunes or even both. In this manner you can be certain that if all things go pear shaped the device can be restored and all information, data and files can be recovered.

7. Downgrade for iOS7

I had installed iOS7 Beta on my iPhone. To guarantee that I can installed iOS7 when it is released on September 18th 2013, I downgraded my device to iOS6. Failure to restore a device to the existing operation system could mean that iOS7 cannot be successfully installed.

I enjoyed using iOS7 Beta and returning to iOS6 made we realise how quickly I had become accustomed to the new design. The multi-gesturing and multitasking features make the update the finest experience with noticeable improvements with Safari, Camera, Photos, Calendars, Notifications and Control Centre. One thing is certain... the incredible experience of iOS7 would be compromised by  losing all content and data or losing all important images and files.

Complete a backup of your device before upgrading software to iOS7.


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