Detoxification: Where there's a W.I.L.L. there's a way!

When walking along Mooloolaba esplanade or sitting at a café you may see the crowd of people around you either speaking on their mobile phone or texting. It appears that even in the most relaxing, beautiful locations mobile technology is used by the people that surround you. People are tethered to their devices and feel compelled to share their experiences with friends or relatives by updating Facebook Status, uploading pictures to Instagram and making a phone call.

In the company of loved ones or close friends the temptation of online activity can interrupt conversation and personal connections. Our relationships and lives can be jeopardized by addiction to social media, gaming or web browsing and general use of mobile technology. Most people find it difficult to withdraw completely from the use of digital devices.

Young adults and children often share their personal lives and experiences online. In result their confidence and self-esteem are established within their virtual world and through established connections. Withdrawal from online activity can create anxiety for individuals due to social media commitments. Adding to the dilemma is that mobile devices are completely mobile and this enables children to connect with friends at any time and from any location. In order to guarantee complete disconnection deliberate action must be taken.

Mobile technology can interrupt moments of rest and relaxation. We must be intentional with our actions and nominate times where technology is not used so that deliberate investment can be made into things of eternal significance. To enable enriched lives and complete devotion to our families digital devices should be turned off.

Rather than mastering the use of technology, many have become slave to digital technology and in result it has become the master of our everyday lives. Technology must be carefully managed and boundaries established to prevent it from becoming a distraction that diverts our attention from things of ultimate value.

It takes W.I.L.L. to preserve family values and invest into the lives of our children. I would like to suggest four steps to establishing detoxification within your home and family unit;

W - Want change
I - Identity and schedule time
L - Leave the devices alone
L - Love the place and people you’re with

In the Bible it outlines the importance of being still and recognizing the importance of God and relationships (Psalm 46:10). We must disconnect to connect. I encourage you to have W.I.L.L.


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