Collaborate to Elevate

Different people thinking differently and the perception of how knowledge is constructed varies among individuals. I have implied my own personal philosophy with my opening sentence because some people believe that knowledge is not constructed. Learning Theories are many, however, I thought I'd share my own perspective.

Some people believe that knowledge and skills can be transferred from one person to another through direct teaching or instruction. This principle can be likened to an educator pouring content into a funnel and expecting the student to absorb and acquire all understanding.

I believe in the principle of life-long learning and that knowledge is socially constructed. For those that are aware of Social Constructivism and the principles of life-long learning and instructional design would understand how this philosophy aligns with the trends of 21st Century Learning.

Learning is achieved and meaning constructed by networking with others. The development of a learning community will stimulate progress and create momentum as people share their learning and experiences. Collaborate to elevate.


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