Technology Bytes

Children can be difficult to feed at the best of times. When sweets or ice cream are on offer, usually the food is polished off quickly because when food is enjoyed the entire eating process is hassle free. It's only when children haven't become familiar with certain food that difficulties may happen and objection or protest may occur.

Technology may be unfavourable to various individuals. It is essential that people are encouraged to enjoy the advantages of technology, become familiar with using software and hardware and develop an acquired taste.

For technology to become favourable there must be a change in culture. It is commonly reported that culture can take several years to change. It is important for students, staff and parents to understand the benefits of technology, otherwise there will be an underlying resistance that will stifle educational transformation and progress.

When culture favours technology and adapts to change true enjoyment will be found. Discoveries will empower learning and people will be left wanting seconds and be more willing to try new taste sensations.


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