A-Z of Essential iPad Apps for your new iPad

The numbers of applications you can install on your iPad is dependant on three things; iPad storage capacity, size of applications and finance. At present I have 142 applications installed on my 32GB iPad4. I have many applications that I use religiously and when numerous applications are used simaltaniously to complete a task it is defined as 'workflow'. I have many applications that start with the same letter, however, if I were to identify one application for each letter of the alphabet, essential for every iOS newcomer or even experienced user the list would include;

A - ABC iview
Review news, current affairs and shows that you have missed on ABC.

B - BlogTouch
Establish a blog and make new posts with this dynamic application.

C - Compress
Video content produced on iPad are large files and can be easily compressed with this free application.

D - DropBox
This file management tool enables cloud based storage and file sharing.

E - Evernote
Produce anecdotes and organise work tasks with this incredible resource.

F - Flipboard
Create virtual magazines of information that is important to you.

G - Google Drive
File management and access to all your google docs are easily accessible with this functional and simple application.

H - Haiku Deck
Produce simple and dynamic presentations and slide shows in a snap.

I - iBooks
Showcase books and PDF on your virutal bookshelf for immediate reference.

J - Journal for Evernote
Record your memories with this simple journaling application.

K - Keynote
Marvellous presentations can be created with this tool and converted from or to PPT.

L - Lasoo
Find the best price for the things that you need.

M - Mindjet
Brainstorming and mind mapping can be executed with perfection with this application.

N - Numbers
In like manner to Excel, one can create numerous spreadsheets and store files in folders.

O - OneNote
Capture moments, notes and web-clips and organise your workflow.

P - Pages
Word processing is enriched by the numerous templates and designed for excellent document creation.

Q - QR Code and Barcode Reader
Scan Quick Reference Codes or barcodes for access to material and information.

R - Readdle Documents
Manage files, access documents and annotate PDFs and view multimedia.

S - Screenchomp
Screen-casting couldn't be easier and this tool allows one to create tutorials to share with others.

T - Twitter
Establish a Professional Learning Network and share with the world what matters to you.

U - Unstuck
This brilliant application can coach you through challenging moments to a better life.

V - Vine
Capture video moments and embed them within social media.

W - Web to PDF
Transform webpages into PDF documents for inclusion in work files.

X - XnView Photo fx Editor
Transform images into art and share it with others. Characteristics similar to Instagram.

Y - YouTube
Search, view and share media from around the world. View your own material and playlists.

Z - Zite
Analyose articles from around the world and conduct research in areas of interest.


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