Five immediate ways to conserve iPad battery

There are many blog entries and references on how to conserve battery power with digital devices. I am aware of many of them, however, have not published my own methods of reducing energy consumption. With 18% battery power left I thought it advantageous to implement battery conversation techniques. I thought it wise to share my strategies...

1. Reduce screen brightness

2. Switch on Airplane Mode

3. Close Apps

4. Turn Off Location Services

5. Avoid using battery demanding applications including games and programs used to construct media (ie; iMovie)

I have discovered that leaving Airplane Mode enabled and then charging my device has a significant difference on recharge speed. In addition, I ensure that I use the 12W Charger to restore the battery. Using an iPhone Charger (5W) or iPod Charger as many people unknowingly do will take three times as long.


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