iPad Professional Development Lesson Plan (1.5 hrs)

You may be responsible for conducting professional development or workshops on the use of iPad technology and may have developed your own teaching and learning plan. The most difficult issue to address is the range of skills that are present within the group. There are several ways that the dilemma can be overcome.

To determine required professional development I usually construct a Google Form and distribute it to teaching staff to evaluate competencies. I use the results to address areas of need and in this manner professional development is targeted and meets general needs and specific issues needing address. Alternatively a range of sessions can be provided and from the workshops staff can select topics they are interested in. In this manner attention and motivation are enhanced and learning enriched.

When professional development is required for a large group, I have discovered infotainment often works best. This methodology can provide necessary education and entertainment to capture the attention of the audience and address necessary information. I have found that relying on the skills of others and employing shared leadership can distribute the load and utilise the expertise of others. On numerous occasions I have used students to facilitate the professional development of teaching staff and I believe that this model is an exceptional example of developing a learning community.

My next professional development workshop is for a small group of teaching staff and is scheduled within holidays. For the purpose of my demonstration I will connect my MacBook Air to a data Projector and mirror my iPad using AirSever. This arrangement will provide me with the mobility I need to engage learners and demonstrate the freedom that is created through he use of mobile technology. The delegates are relatively new to iPad technology and I have developed a lesson plan that I have published for your use. You are welcome to draw from the agenda or make modifications to structure the lesson in a manner that is suitable for your individual contexts and circumstances.

1. Welcome and Introduction (5 Minutes)

Use Explain Everything to facilitate discussion. Export images from DropBox, Import pictures from Camera Roll and screenshot home address in Maps to add to the presentation. Add the images to Explain Everything and annotate over slides. Save the screen casting and save to Camera Roll. I have discovered that talking about yourself can provide grounding and elevate personal confidence, particularly when addressing an unfamiliar crowd. It may be advantageous to play a motivational video and inspirational media item before your personal address to commence the workshop. This always is a great way of establishing familiarity with the quality of hardware, connection and audio.

2. Conduct Group Discussion using Graphic Organiser (6 Minutes)

For the discussion I would suggest staying away from using a PMI as you are not wanting to entertain negative thoughts or ideas. Instead plan to use the Y Chart to foster a positive approach. A sample can be found here http://www.worksheetworks.com/miscellanea/graphic-organizers.html and the item can be opened on any tablet device. Using iOS open the PDF and annotate within PDF Expert or Notability. Discuss the various fields of the diagram and make notations. Share the file with team leader or various group members by using AirDrop.

3. Introduce Two Theories (7 Minutes)

SAMR Model and Diffusion of Innovations Theory are both key items to address within the early stage of the workshop. It will allow team members to make note of where they are within their own professional journey and the milestones of required achievement. To facilitate this portion of the workshop I recommend using Keynote. Produce the slides within the workshop to demonstrate the ease with which presentations can be made on agile devices. Import diagrams of the theories for visual reference.

4. iPad Configuration (15 Minutes)

Before in-depth utilisation of devices I shall provide guidance in creating a password and creating a device name in Settings. I will also seek clarification on members requiring WiFi Connection and Mail configuration. During the segment I would address various features of iPad technology including Restrictions, Accessibility in particular Guided Access, Notification Centre, Privacy, iCloud and managing storage and back up. It is always advantageous to describe the different wattages of iPad, iPod and iPhone chargers because people rarely know the difference. It may also be necessary to identify how to Reset the iPad and the implications of the various options. Identify various troubleshooting techniques including holding the Power Button and Home Button simultaneously to perform a hard reset. Describe the results of forgetting passwords and how devices need to be restored in iTunes. Addressing these issues upfront is important because often the topics are avoided and people are often bewildered as to how to solve problems.

5. Navigation (10 Minutes)

To commence basic navigation I will request all attendees to locate the Notes application. I will ask for them to make one or two notes about what that have discovered from the morning. I will show some basic keyboard functions and locate hidden keys such as bullet points. I will also demonstrate Siri and provide instruction on how to add the dictation icon to the keyboard within Settings. I will then demonstrate how to use Siri to open applications and seek answers. I will provide education in how to navigate between various applications using multitasking gestures. Within this stage the Search feature will also be located and discussed. I will describe how to customise the spotlight search.

6. Camera and Photos (10 Minutes)

Basic features of the camera will be identified. The audience will be invited to leave the room and capture several images. This will provide opportunity for guests to 'stretch their legs' and capture some fresh air. Once returned locate the images within Photos. Discuss with staff how to create albums and select images to add to the various folders. Provide opportunity for staff to create albums and add contents to the various folders. Staff will share images with their peers using either Mail, iMessage or AirDrop. During this stage of the workshop I will demonstrate DropBox and how to share files using this free cloud service.

7. FaceTime (5 Minutes)

Conduct a brief demonstration of FaceTime and as a team discuss how this service could be utilised within the classroom for collaborative purposes.

8. Calendars and Reminders (15 Minutes)

Demonstrate how to use the two identified applications to improve productivity and organisation. Within Calendars showcase how to create an event and add details to the item. Invite an individual to the event to demonstrate how the occurrence can become a meeting request. Provide opportunity for the members of the group to add items to their Calendar and set reoccurrences. Use Emoji characters to personalise items and themes. Provide time for the participants to set personal reminders after demonstrating required skills.

9. Safari (15 Minutes)

Discuss the various functions of Safari and locate various tools and features. Create Bookmarks and also demonstrate how to use Reading List. Display folder options and describe how to add websites to created folders. Identify the process required to add a particular website to Home Screen. Provides time for the audience to construct Bookmarks, Folders and Reading Lists. Show how to close tabs and also how to add new tabs. Discuss Favourites.

10. Workflow (15 Minutes)

Using Pages, Camera and dictation construct a brief article to export as PDF. Open the file in iBooks. Share the article with an audience member. Discuss the value of iBooks as a virtual bookshelf and access to materials within the Store. Use this as a lead into discussing iTunesU and the valuable educational material that is available within the public domain. Demonstrate how to subscribe to an area of interest.

Conclude the 1.5 hour session with questions and provide opportunity for staff to share their own findings. Participants can mirror their iPad and showcase their personal discoveries and findings. It would be expected that the entire length of this workshop including time for questions and answers would take approximately two hours. The lesson is quite intense and covers foundational principles of iPad technology. I have used this lesson plan within numerous workshops and have found the schedule provides an excellent introduction and catalyst for continued personal and professional growth.


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