DIY Digital Document Camera

I value the use of iPad technology within the classroom to assist teaching and learning. AppleTV and AirPlay are advantageous and enrich learning experiences beyond basic utilisation. To achieve quality projection stability of the iPad is required. Document cameras are traditionally used to attain still images, however, these devices are relatively expensive. There are multiple stands that are available, however, without an available budget I needed to produce a document camera by being resourceful. 

My immediate thought was with the use of a little ingenuity I would be able to create a digital document camera with an unused overhead projector. I would imagine many schools have these shoved in cupboards or gathering dust on benches. With an OHP delivered to my door... I began my project.

1. Wipe off the dust and cobwebs.

2. Remove the top lens compartment.

3. Locate screw holes, mark on wooden clipboard and position the board for optimum projection

4. Screw clipboard in place and attach bracket for security and strength.

5. Enable iPad Camera, AirPlay and place document underneath for wireless projection.

The DIY project took less then ten minutes. Incredibly an unused overhead projector has been recycled and now can see better days. Schools with minimum budget could use the same idea to capitalise on available resources and drag learning into the twenty first century.


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