Whales do Yoga

Did you know that whales can stay under water for three to eight minutes? Apparently thirty minutes has been recorded and some species of whale can remain under water for several hours. In the end, however, they always return to the surface. The reason being that whales don't have gills and they need to breathe. Furthermore, whales are known to beach themselves and the cause is often injury or illness, however, military sonar, diseases and wounds from predators often are to blame. In moments of distress whales struggle to swim and stay afloat. They are often washed onto our beaches.

I know people can feel washed out, injured or ill. Despite the good will of friends, colleagues or loved one the struggles of life simply become to much too bear. While we drown in information and the waves of work come crashing from every direction people must remember to return to the surface and breathe.

When did you last return to the surface?

I've been taking yoga lessons and have scheduled the event within my calendar so I can return to the surface and breathe. I was sceptical, however, find value in the exercise and believe the relaxation techniques offer tremendous benefits.

To be brutally honest, I'm about a flexible as a stick and complete novice, however, I've discovered how to clear the mind. I'm proud of this discovery because in times of relaxation I find myself thinking of work and all that has to be done. I'm certain many people find their mind captive and wish they could escape mental taxation. If there is one simple piece of advice I could provide... it's breathe.


Interestingly if you concentrate on your breath and focus on inhaling and exhaling the pressure of work disapates. The demands of work seem to dissolve with each breath and the motion cleanses the mind. It seems totally odd to recommend the act of breathing as after all it's an involutery action. This is exactly where the conundrum lies. If people can channel their energy into concentrating on inhaling and exhaling air it offers a sense of distraction. The action rebalances self through establishing centredness.

Simply close your eyes. Breathe in deeply. Hold the breathe. Exhale. Repeat the process several times and the pressure of work should subside. The exercise creates clarity of mind and in result improves work performance.

Everyone is suffering from information overload. Media saturation, Data Management, project tasks and relentless emails have placed demands on our worklife to such an extent they have hijacked family time. Sometimes the pressure can build so quickly that one can feel stress levels rising. Self monitoring well being is important and something that too often is learnt the hard way. It important that during times of feeling overwhelmed that relaxation techniques are adopted. People must schedule time to return to the surface and breathe.



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