What's one way to share ePubs in classes?

There are numerous ways of sharing an ePub. A publication can simply be emailed, however, often the articles are too large to share. AirDrop also can work, however, sometimes it can prove problematic with names appearing and then disappearing. I suggest adding the ePub to DropBox or similar cloud service so the creative work can be shared and be accessed by multiple users.
Young authors can publish multiple work within their DropBox to create a library of work. This content can be accessed from any device and shared with family, relatives, teachers and friends.
For this post I have used Book Creator and DropBox to demonstrate how to share an ePub.

1. Once the ePub is ready to be shared select the Sharing Icon.

2. Swipe to find DropBox.

 3. Default name will appear. Tap and edit the file name if necessary.

 4. The file name has been changed to 'Story'.

5. Select 'Save'.

6. The ePub will transfer to DropBox.

7. The ePub has finished uploading.

8. Select the file to be shared.

9. Despite the alert 'Couldn't Load File' the article can be shared using the Sharing Icon.

10. Select 'Share' to email the link for the ePub.

11. Compose email and nominate recipient or audience.

12. Select 'Send' to share the DropBox link.

13. The email will be received and the link can be opened.

14. Once the hyperlink is tapped the ePub can be downloaded.

15. Select 'Download'.

16. Select 'Open in iBooks'.

17. The ePub has been successfully shared and is now available in iBooks for the reader.

There are numerous ways that ePubs can be shared. If you are after a more seamless method where books can simply be published and codes exchanged for instant access then perhaps you should checkout TrilbyBookclub and add it to your workflow techniques.

Happy publishing!


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