5 Twitter Tips

Twitter is fantastic! It provides an excellent means of collaboration and networking. The medium enriches participation in daily activities through utilisation of hashtags and the social media provides a platform for sharing ideas, discoveries and information to contribute to research and knowledge.

There are important factors to consider when making a post. Before making a tweet ensure you adhere to the following five principles.

1. Spelling and Grammar

Use correct spelling and grammar. Abbreviations can be used such as 'txt' for text, however, ensure other such spelling is accurate. Sentence structure is important and it can influence the value of the microblog entry.

2. Audience

Always ensure you select appropriate hashtags. I recommend viewing the hashtag library before using it within your post. Using #toys within your tweet for example, will deposit your post within a timeline that you would rather not be associated with. In addition, try not to use more than four hashtags and only use those that are relevant to your subject matter.

3. Respectfulness

Pay respect and acknowledge those needing recognition. Using retweets (RT) and mentions (MT) ensures referencing is used as with scholarly articles. Posts should provide encouragement and not the contrary. Remember each tweet is a form of digital branding and personal marketing.

4. Time

Only tweet at appropriate times. If tweeting within work hours, keep it to a minimum and posts should be work related and contribute to your line of profession. Tweet regularly so your conversations have merit, however, tweeting too much can annoy followers. In the company of others limit postings unless it is encouraged as an attendee of a conference or event.

5. Characters

Try not to use more than 120 characters. Leaving 1/7 of character space available provides opportunity for retweets and mentions. It may take effort to compress a thought into minimal space, however, carefully constructed text will capture people's attention and interest.

Tweeting is exciting. It's exhilarating posting a tweet and having it retweeted. It seems to reinforce the sense that you are making a valuable contribution to socially constructed truth or that your post has merit in the eyes of others. Browsing the timeline is interesting and very educational. Humour is refreshing and has value within the Twittersphere and therefore it's advised to share something lighthearted. In summary, whether it is serious or lighthearted, each tweet should have correct spelling a grammar and be targeted at relevant audiences through use of appropriate hashtags. Tweets must be respectful, be sent at an appropriate time and use limited characters.


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