Get ahead of the class with ClassDoJo!

At the commencement of the year I started a ClassDoJo account. I created my class group and entered my class list. The service and application proved easy to use and allowed me to award points to reinforce positive behaviour within a snap. ClassDoJo allows teachers to give points and points can also be deducted to reduce negative behaviours. ClassDoJo has default behaviours established, however, I customised these to reflect rules and boundaries within the classroom.

ClassDoJo provides the tools necessary to generate personalised notes for parents that include individual usernames and passwords. Providing credentials are entered correctly students can personalise their avatars. In addition parents can track the behaviour of their children. Parents and students for that matter can view details regarding observed positive and negative behaviour. I have talked with numerous parents and they have commented on their appreciation of the service. They have also stated they cannot stop themselves from viewing how their child is going throughout the day! ClassDoJo improves parent awareness and allows them to have specific dialogue about the school day. ClassDoJo increases student accountability and makes students personally responsible for their actions.

ClassDoJo increases classroom transparency and allows parents to view statistics on the progress of their child. Recently I held interviews and a parent commented they had noticed constant point deductions and that all of a sudden points were accumulating. Interestingly the changes corresponded with my need to rearrange the classroom and moving several students. The movement had obviously changed social dynamics and had a positive impact on behaviour. ClassDoJo had accurately portrayed changes occurring within the learning environment.

ClassDoJo allows teachers to attach the email address of each parent to each student. At the end of each week a summary of student progress is provided to the parent. They can view the weekly summary of observed behaviour and discuss their feelings or thoughts with their child. Parents appreciate the email that includes pie-chart, detailed data and statistics specific to their child. Teachers can view the progress of the entire class or focus on individual students. The behaviour management tool places parents and teachers on the same page. Weekly reports provide excellent feedback.

It is essential that teachers frequently use the application. Random or inconsistent use will reduce its effectiveness and the reliability of published data. Information and results will be skewed and the true value of the resource will be underestimated. I use ClassDoJo regularly and find the data informative.

ClassDoJo includes a messaging service. The messaging component allows teachers to broadcast messages and send personal notes to parents. The messaging service provides an excellent communication tool between school and home. I have been using the messaging service as a means to detail homework and activities scheduled for the week. I use messaging to provide updates about when I have added tasks to Mathletics and StudyLadder.

ClassDoJo is available on the web and has incredible resources including certificates and posters. There is also an application for iPad and iPhone. The application recently became available for Android in Google Play. The availability of the application across multiple devices means a teacher can be flexible in its use and respond to classroom happenings at each and every moment. In an iPad classroom or 1:1 environment students can track their own behaviour and progress on their mobile device.

One of the disadvantages of ClassDoJo is that teachers are presently unable to share classes. This is an issue for students being streamed for subjects or attending different classes throughout the day because there is not continuity in tracking behaviour. Hopefully this issue will be resolved by ClassDoJo in the next update or near future.

The ClassDoJo team have obviously worked tirelessly on the product. It's completely free and I have not experienced any bugs or issues. Passwords can be easily reset and everything seems to have been considered. I value the transparency the application creates. Students respond to its use and enjoy viewing their progress and altering their avatar. I highly recommend ClassDoJo and believe the service has improved my classroom management skills. I think every classroom would benefit for utilising this invaluable service.


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