Knock. Knock. Who's there?

Technology will always gain momentum. It's not going to stop. It will be forever knocking at your door. You may want to place a sign at the entry that says "Visitors not welcome!". Perhaps you have already erected the sign. Technology, however, is not a visitor... it won't come and go. It's shall be a permanent resident. The eternal roommate.

Technology wants to be part of your family and part of your existence. It's wanting to enter your home, classroom, car and world. Technology wants to be so close it can be worn and assist your daily life. It's not rude. It is waiting for your invitation and welcome.

Technology will improve your learning, teaching and life experiences. Technology is bound to provide enhancement to the art and science of teaching. There are six key emerging technologies in education and we should expect them to be invited guests at the tables of our classroom. Flipping, Learning Analytics, 3D Printing, Gamification, Quantified Self and Virtual Assistants are expecting an invitation in the next five years. Be prepared for visitors.


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